Hot Running

This morning it was a “cool” 81 degrees when Margo and I set out for a run on the Greenway. Truly, after getting her into the stroller and setting her up with her snack cup and drink, I had already broken a sweat. This, my friends, is the worst time of the year to run. And I’m documenting it so that in December when me & my friends are all “ugh, it’s soo cold, I hate wearing so many layers,” I can laugh in my/our faces. And then squirt my water bottle all over them.

Yeah, so this morning I decided to re-incorporate running into my workouts. I was not always like this, but I find I’m a better everything if I’m giving myself a few runs a week. If you’d have told me this when I was in high school or college I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But here I am, owning up to my need and the results it gives me. There are much worse addictions, right?

I’m a very race-motivated runner and when I don’t have something on the calendar in the next few months, I flounder. Not knowing how far/how often to run, I usually end up slacking. And summer in North Carolina is kind of a black hole for running events, not surprisingly. For the past month and a half or so, the thought of going in the insane heat & humidity WITH the jogging stroller has daunted me and left me sipping coffee and watching Sesame Street instead. The lazy part of me really thinks I’m silly for saying I want to run more, but there you go.

To get runs in, I either have to go in the early morning (to be back before 10 at the very latest) or go in the evening. The super early morning is out of the question since I’m married to a workaholic that the cleaning lady in his building recently awarded him with the honor of being the Earliest Arriver to Work that she’s EVER seen. Like, ever.

Since I’m pretty much half lazy and half motivated, I know I won’t get out the door every day I plan to. Below is my pep talk to myself for those days.

Hey Jamie, So I hear you’re thinking about ditching your run today, eh? Man, you’re a slacker who will never amount to anything and your kid won’t understand the value of an active lifestyle. What? Too intense? Ok, well think about today and how cool would it be to have 2 full hours of relaxation at naptime and not have to watch Tony Horton? And how cute is it when you let Margo out at the end of the greenway to run the last 100 yards? And she just loves that stroller, and all the dogs you’ll see. I know it’s hard to see beyond the “less coffee right now” part of the running in the morning deal, but I promise, it’ll be there in the afternoon and will taste better! AND! You get Gatorade. Not to mention cut legs and arms after pushing that BOB. So, we cool? Here’s your Garmin, see you in 45. – Coach Jamie

It’s not easy to get out and run, and it’s maybe 5 or 6 times harder with the humidity and the stroller and the non-race training… it feels like there’s always a reason not to go. I’m proud that I got out there today even though I was pretty slow because, hey, it’s been a while! #celebratingsuccess


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