Finally Forward Facing!

Hooray hooray! We lasted until *almost* 18 months with Margo rear facing. The goal was to go “as long as we can after a year.” We’d seen the research and advice to go beyond the 1 year required by law in the rear facing position, and a few months ago the AAP upped their recommendation to 2 years. She was doing pretty well rear facing, no big complaints. I know many parents mention their smushed up legs, but for our little shortie, this wasn’t really an issue. And, frankly, the issues we do have time to time while in the car – ill-timed naps and fussiness – will probably still dog us.

So, what precipitated this big change, you ask? Puke. Yup… that’s right. Margo and I had some sort of very bizarre shared stomach bug on Saturday morning. By lunchtime we were both back to nearly full throttle, but we had a weird morning. This included puke in the carseat, and consequently, me figuring out how to disassemble, wash and reassemble the carseat. I won’t lie, it was smelly and annoying. BUT! I won! I took it apart washed & line dried the pads and had it back together by bedtime. It made me feel like I could take on anything. Anyone need me to take apart their car engines & reassemble them? I probably could.

We’re still getting used the the new set up. It’s still odd to turn around and SEE her instead of having to jiggle that damn round monkey mirror to see if she is awake. (Not missing that thing.) I didn’t quite realize it before, but it feels like parenting is really a series of decisions you have to make according to laws, advice and your own gut instincts. Scott and I were both in agreement that we’d go as long as we could, and I’m certain we could have gone longer, but we just felt she was ready and we were ready. And it’s legal, and she’s a sturdy toddler so there’s no worries there. So when we re-installed it after the puke incident, it was new and exciting. And fresh and clean 🙂

Just because it’s fun, here’s some then and now pics of Margo in her carseat. We have had our Britax Boulevard for almost a year already, since she was pushing 20 lbs at 6 months. See? Sturdy.

July 26, 2010 (just over 6 months)

July 3, 2011 (17 1/2 months)


2 thoughts on “Finally Forward Facing!

  1. just discovered this and hope that you keep writing! i can’t believe how grown up and adorable margo is! i’m also really looking forward to turning our britax around when theo’s “sturdy enough”. 🙂

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