Family Vacation: Toddler Style

Vacationing with a toddler was exhausting, exciting, and totally new. We met up with our good friends Amy & Casey in Myrtle Beach for a little 3 day family vacation. It was perfect.

Did I say it was just the three of us? I should have also said that Margo’s teeth came along, in full force. It was minorly disruptive (a spoiled nap and a few extra fussies than what is normal for her), but we all seem to have escaped not too badly damaged. And we have a new one. Welcome, Margo’s first incisor!

Amy & Casey were staying at, perhaps, the coolest resort in the world? I mean, not only is it at the beach (fun), but it has this madness within walking distance (funner).


The beach was a really mixed bag for us. I was super excited because I got 30 minutes of pre-kid quality beach time with a book, since she fell asleep in the car on the way there and Scott stayed back to let her sleep. Major win. & once she got there, for the first hour and 20, she loved it. She ran to the water, splashed, enjoyed watching waves and the new sensation of the sand moving under her. She played in the sand and Scott made her sand castles to crush.
I’m not sure what changed after an hour and 20 min. My personal theory is she just realized she was covered in sand and sunscreen and salt water and was uncomfy. She said firmly, “no.” We packed up and headed back. For this year, at least, the pool was much more the place to be for us!

I knew a toddler vacation would be challenging, that our schedules would be difficult and we might have to revise some of our goals and plans (It was, and we did.) Vacationing with Margo was, all things considered, amazing. We had So. Much. Fun. It was great family time, and great friend time. I spend all day every day with her, so it’s weird to say, since this weekend wasn’t really more than I’m used to, but I feel closer to her than I have ever before.

We got to bunk up with Margo on this trip, something we hadn’t done since our trip to the Outer Banks last November. We didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t too bad, in all honesty. The only issue, which I saw coming, was she’ll often wake up early at 5:00am ish and then put herself back to sleep. Well, on the last morning she *saw* us during this wake up. I heard it happen. She stood up and looked around. “Dada!” “Mama!” “All bun (all done, for those of you who don’t speak Margo).” Then, after some failed attempts to soothe her and convince her it was, in fact, not morning, I pulled the last card I had: my bed. We were never co-sleepers, leaving us with a toddler who won’t really sleep with us or on us. It’s not a bad thing, until you’re faced with a scenario like this where nothing is working and you’re TIRED and you know your kid is too. So I tried it, knowing I had very little chance of it working. And… miracle of miracles, it worked. She laid down beside me and we snuggled and slept for 3 hours. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I am 100% serious, including marrying my husband, birth of my kid, etc. Utter bliss. (Didn’t hurt we slept till 8:30! Hurrah!)

Bring on our new vacationing style. I had more fun than ever before, sharing new things with her and enjoying her reactions, good and bad! Can’t wait for next time šŸ™‚



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