I love my hair!

(I’m, of course, singing this adorable, positively reinforced, delightful Sesame Street song.)

Margo’s hair is pretty amazing. You’ll recall she was born with this mop.

(Side note – OMG, so smushy!)
When you have a child born with a head of thick black hair, it’s the first thing you talk about. With EVERYONE… strangers in a grocery store, family members and everyone in between. It’s kind of been her defining physical trait for a while now, with the exception of the “chubby” months last summer and fall. And, contrary to what EVERYONE told us/threatened, her hair never fell out.

Fast forward several months to this sweet ‘do. I give you: “The comb-over”

Over the course of her first year, her head grew (you know, like infant heads do), and her hair did not. It just stretched out and became sparse, and a large bald spot formed. Around a year, I think the growth kicked in, but still, when I look back at her 1 year pics my first thought is SHORT HAIR!

(photo credit to Nicole Faby)
And now? Oh Em Gee.

It’s totally taken off and the CURLS are all I talk about to anyone. I’ve trimmed her bangs once (waaay too short, woops. I’ll be hiring a professional next time.) I also trimmed the comb-over piece (see above) which for some unknown reason kept growing straight and long. For a while I was attached to it, since it used to be the “main” swatch of hair but now there’s plenty. It’s funny because when she was born with a ton of it, I thought we’d get her hair cut before she was a year or something. The growth has been all over the map, and I still don’t know when an official haircut will take place. I want to see where else this crazy mop is gonna go!

But what can I say, I love it! And I can only hope she does too. Lord knows we curly haired ladies have a love/hate with our hair!


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