Paci-Free: Day 1

So, I have been told by several mommy friends that any change takes about 3 days to become the new normal for toddlers. Margo is 19 months old, and today, we are taking away her pacis. I’m going to chronicle the awesome 3 days to come.

1:05 pm: I thought I was prepared that it would be hard, until the past 5 minutes of screaming crying. Like, our neighbors might be wondering what’s going on in here.

This morning, she woke up with no pacis in her crib. This hadn’t happened for a while, but used to happen a lot. What a fun game – throw the pacis over the side of the crib! I made a note to myself that the next time she did it, it might be worth making that the beginning of paci-take-over. Kinda arbitrary, but whatev. I had also been observing she’s a little less “into” them than before. On our trip to PA when we were trying to get her to take a nap, I handed her her paci and she’d suck on it for a little then take it out, say “No,” and hand it to me. She only has them in her crib for naps & nighttime. She hasn’t had one when we’re just out and about for maybe a year now.

I read her several of her favorite stories, tried to wear her out as much as possible today and hoped for the best. I put her in her crib and she looked around at all the stuffed animals and said “Uh-oh.” Yeah, it’s been screaming ever since.

1:23 pm: It’s been quiet now for about 10 minutes. I can’t express how much I hate writing that. I’m don’t consider myself superstitious (maybe just a little stitious), but the minute I say “She’s ASLEEP!”, she’ll wake up and be screamy again. It’s Margo’s Law.

Here’s the next issue. I have a cat mess to clean up in the bathroom beside her bedroom. This will require at least 4 trips up or down our loud-as-hell stairs. I guess the cat piss will have to wait until she wakes up. The cat piss can wait.

2:02 pm: She’s awake and screaming again. Like, you know the scene in a movie when a girl finds a murdered loved one and screams “NOOOOOOO!” That’s what she sounds like. I was, foolishly, just thinking how she didn’t cry nearly as much as I thought she would. Oh, silly me.

2:08 pm: Shhh… but I want a glass of ice water. Even that seems too loud for how fragile this nap is. Come to think of it, this keyboard is awfully clicky.

2:22 pm: I think I’m going to watch Weeds & crochet. Wish me luck…

3:25 pm: So, uh…? Still sleeping. I feel encouraged and powerful. My kid rocks. Seriously, if I ignore the 10 minute cry in the middle, this is a 2 + hour nap. That’s NORMAL.

3:50 pm: I’m without words. She is just now stirring. A nearly 3 hour nap. Let’s hope nighttime sleep is equally unaffected.

And before I say anything to jinx this success (see: a little stitious), I’ll end this post. Updates to come.


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