Paci-Free: Day 2

1:32 pm: Direct quote “WAAAAAAAH” – Margo. My mom played with us all morning and read her stories before naptime. We put her down for her nap 10 minutes ago and it’s still Screamfest 2011. It’s definitely worse for nap than it was for bedtime last night.

Bedtime. Oh, that was funny. Scott put her down last night and again, as soon as she got to her crib she was like “No no, uh oh!!” Scott stood outside her door for a few minutes and I went to the bottom of the steps and said “Just come down.” I knew what he was thinking before he said it: “Do we have to??” Inside I’m like “Aw, hell no.” After dealing with a paci-free nap, there’s no turning back. And after less than 5 min of bloody murder crying, she slept more or less like normal. She was very chatty this morning from 5:30 am on, but I got her out of her crib at 8:00am. (We were both in and out of sleep during that time.) We can def live with that.

2:04 pm: Ok, I feel it’s safe to assume she’s sleeping. It’s been about 20 minutes now, I’ll call it. So far, this whole taking away the paci thing has been both easier and harder than I thought it’d be. It’s easy in that her sleep duration and (I assume) quality is more or less the same. For that I am extremely grateful. It’s harder in that I have to weather long minutes of screaming and crying. We did some Cry It Out with her last summer, and it was not like this. So that part pretty much sucks, but going with the whole “it gets back to normal after a few days” mantra, I’ll just hope that painful part gradually goes away and we’ll continue life as usual.

3:30 pm: We haz fussing. Or, more like “Mommeeee, mommeee.”Meaning she rocked another 2 + hour nap, meaning everything is fine, nothing is broken.

This whole posting series is becoming kinda uneventful. WHICH IS AWESOME.


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