Paci-Free – to infinity!

There is still more crying (and more serious crying) than usual, but it is gradually getting to be less and less with each sleep. Today’s nap, Day 5 of a paci-free nap, she cried really pitifully when I left the room, but that didn’t even last a minute. The moral of this story is this: She’s all around a champion and handles change better than we do. Plus, she’s taken at least 3 2.5+ hour naps during this transition, so we’ll probably be needing advice on what to look for when buying ponies. You know, good stables, grooming info, etc.

Now, reflections & (more) digressions.

It’s sad to see your kid unhappy. I can see how parents end up with a 5 year old walking around with a paci. As much as I take part in the motherhood judgement in that (I don’t judge every parenting fault, but THAT? Yeah, I do), I can see how if you don’t draw the line and hold firm, they just keep on doing it. She loves the paci. Last night, I put her in her crib and as I was closing the blinds she started crying and looked at me and signed “pleeeease” (extra “e’s” added by me). It was so sad to turn away from that. So, mothers with kids with pacis who have no business with them, I can understand why that is a little better than I could before.

In that same breath, I say JUST DO IT. Rip off the band aid, lay down the law somewhere and everyone will be better for it. Well, except for your child’s future orthodontist. I’d heard lots of horror stories which definitely helped me prepare for what the 3 or 4 days would be like, but my experience ended up being way less painful than any story I’d heard. There were moments, but our nap lengths and night sleeping times were more or less the same. We took it away at 19 months, and that felt like a good time since she’s still confined to the crib, can’t say “paci” (this might be a bad parent move, but I felt like if she could articulate it, it’d be harder to ignore), and she has other security items.

I give the credit to Margo. (And Grover, Doggie and Turtle.)


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