Back to basics

I flirted for a month or two with running a marathon this fall. I did all of this flirting while sitting in the A/C, you should know. Stepping into the 1000% humidity of NC made the reality of a fall marathon slightly less exciting. Then I started flirting with a half. Again, I’m not ready to be held to a schedule just yet (see: humidity). I also looked up a few races that’d require minimal travel and for all of them, the schedule was the issue. So, I guess it’s not in the cards for this year to do a big, impressive, boundary-pushing race. Ok, that’s cool. So, why not go back from where I came? The 5K.

Ah, how adorable! This is me in 2007. I feel like I’m just screaming “It’s my first 5k, should I wear a jacket, you guys? I mean it’s 70 degrees, will I be cold?” I shouldn’t make fun of ’07 me, I still am kinda like that about jackets.

So, I’ve decided if I can’t go farther, let’s go faster! My personal record is 27:20. I’m pretty happy with that, except that this time is on the books from 2007. (sidenote, how is that FOUR years ago?) It was the Jingle Bell Run when I met some of my closest friends that I now run with all the time – Kathleen, Jackie & Amy 🙂 *sniff sniff* Memories. (Also, not sure where I have that pic saved. Sigh)

ANNNNYWay. My point happens to be that I can go faster than this time. I actually repeated 27:20 in 3.1 miles during the week before last fall’s half marathon. And I was pushing a stroller. Of course if you google me you’ll find loads of 28 & 29 times, this particular urban legend is only for me and my Garmin. But that little victory is in the back of my mind when I say: I can break my PR.

But alas, I’m far from my “week before a half marathon” shape, so I have some work to do. I think I’m going to shoot for the Autism 5K  on 10/8. I also want to do the Monster Dash at the end of Oct, pretty much just to dress up my kid and let her run. I worry that she’s too young and I’m going to be the running version of a stage mom, but I do think she’ll like it. She loves when I let her out of her stroller at the end of runs and she can blow off some steam. So cute, she says “Ready Set Go”… well, she’ll usually say either Ready or Set… you know how toddlers can be.

I’ve been working for the past 2 weeks to try to run 3-4 times each week. Even only hitting 3 runs last week with no weekend run (ahem IRENE), I still felt really good. Today’s run wasn’t my best, but I did it and it was “a workout”. That’s how I’ve been approaching my pace (er, consoling myself). I say “Oh well, I’m getting a workout.” That’s all I need, and if I run for a few weeks, my pace will come back down. I hope to incorporate some speed work & intervals and longer runs on the weekends. Here’s hoping!


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