Embarking on a Food Journey

We’re in a rut. Throwing food away has become so standard, the starving kids in Africa don’t even cross my mind anymore. 😦

We started out feeding Margo what we wanted her to eat, introducing new veggies and stuff with that new parent idealism that OUR KID will be healthy and munch on asparagus and carrots, and quickly learned… she no likey. We got stuck with daily meals such as mac & cheese with sweet potato/squash/pumpkin puree, frozen pizza and peanut butter & banana sandwiches. I’d describe her nutrition as “good, not great” for the past few months. I can sleep fine, but every now and then I do wish she’d just, you know, eat a damn vegetable or any meat.

In the past week, she’s started rejecting the mac & cheese, leading us to the painful realization that our line up? Not that deep. So, in the spirit of trying to get out of said rut, I’m setting out on a food journey which will entail Trying New Things and Expanding Our List (Hopefully.)

The goals of the journey:

  • To have a longer list of easy to prepare and healthy/diverse foods that Margo enjoys.
  • To expose her budding palate to different tastes and textures, some of which haven’t been re-offered in 6+ months. (Time flies)
  • Take it slow, as this whole “trying new stuff” thing is tough on the budget and the phsyche. And you know what happened to the girl who tried too much too soon, right? She died. (FRIENDS shoutout! What!) Anywho, I’m aiming for 2 new meals/week.
  • To have fun with the food. And to make it enjoyable (or at least not sucky) for all!

What she currently eats (usually. You know toddlers, they’re nothing if not fickle)

  • Boxed mac & cheese with pureed veg replacing the butter.
  • pasta with marinara & cheese
  • Peanut butter and banana (sometimes, less of a sure thing)
  • Quesadillas, black beans, salsa (ONLY at El Rodeo. Low success rate at home)
  • Trader Joe’s frozen pizza
  • Pancakes (sometimes just straight up Bisquick, sometimes with pumpkin & healthiness)

With her “main dishes”, she’ll often eat cheese, yogurt, watermelon, blueberries, pineapple, bananas. And a cookie here & there, cause it’s cute how she says it. She also drinks about 20 oz of vanilla soy milk/day. I don’t *think* this is affecting her appetite…

I put the question to my Twitter peeps and got some great ideas of toddler friendly meals, mostly meatless. While I might have ambitions of expanding our go-to dinner list, I am not even thinking about the meat thing… I can only assume she’ll go there when ready. We usually have meet with our meals, so it’ll be there.

Here is the list of stuff I want to try with Margo over the next month.

  • Hummus & crackers
  • Trader Joe’s Cheese Ravioli
  • Bean Burrito
  • Cheese Quesadilla with salsa
  • Lunchmeat sandwich
  • Tofu
  • Pasta with oil/butter & spices & cheese

I also got loads of fun novelty ideas – including a 6 muffin tray! – which I’m excited to try to spice things up. Seems like a good line to lead up to a pic of Margo eating salsa…

And, in closing, I know people DID raise children successfully before the Internet, but I’m sure glad I don’t have to. I am so thankful for the helpful & supportive group of tweeps I’m proud to call my Internet friends. You guys gave me (and will probably have to keep giving me!) the encouragement I needed to Try New Things with my picky toddler.


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