The 6-cup Muffin Pan

We got the Wilton silicone 6-cup muffin pan from Amazon Prime yesterday (side note: LOVE Prime. Perfect for the impatient shopper in me.) and I decided to give it a go.

I’ll be honest, I was really, really excited about this idea for novel and different food options for Margo. After seeing this article‘s suggestion of making a toddler buffet with all kinds of elaborately chopped and prepared veggies, I kind of dismissed the idea. My friend Jill (who can make Van Gogh’s Starry Night out of a waffle and some blueberries…) sold it to me again. So, I went for it because I am Trying New Things. (And the muffin pan came with another loaf pan, something I’ve been wanting anyway. Win Win.)

Here’s yesterday’s lunch:

I am thinking about what food to put in here like the college admission process: 2 safety schools (foods she’s pretty solid on liking), 2 Harvards (that’d be vegetables or meats in Margo-world), and 2 “match” schools (foods she’s is indecisive on – sometimes all about it and sometimes won’t touch). For this meal: Safety Schools are cheese & bananas, Harvard is sweet potato gnocchi, Match would be mac & cheese, pineapple & raisins. (I lied, sometimes it’s not two Harvards. Moms change their minds sometimes.)

So, lunch was… interesting. Lunch seems to be emerging as the “weakest link” in the meal category. She devoured the cheese stick; I think she was super excited to have it to start the meal off with. She asked for more, to which I said (and always say) no. Then, she wasn’t into anything else and asked for yogurt. I’m not sure what I should have done, but I gave her the yogurt. So there’s your lunch: cheese & yogurt, and maybe 2 bites of mac & cheese. She did eat a big breakfast & snack in the car so I’m not sure she was as hungry as possible.

I actually skipped her snack this afternoon.

And DINNER? Was an astounding success. One of the major perks of the 6-cup muffing pan is that I can throw it in the fridge & give her the same thing for dinner. MAJOR MOM WIN. It took a lot of effort at lunchtime, more than I usually put forth, and after a lame lunch I didn’t feel 100% great about that. But basically warming up mac & cheese for dinner & slapping the muffin tray on the table: Ah-mah-zing. She ate almost all of the mac, like 3 rounds of pineapple(!), the banana, and tried a raisin. Gnocchi was dead to her. But hey, you know what? Over the course of the day, that was 5/6 cups she at least tried, 4/6 she ate all of it. Plus, who gets in to Harvard, anyway?

I think the skipped afternoon snack might be a bigger thing than I thought at the time. It was clear she was hungry and she ate like a refugee. I’m not sure if I should keep that up – like if it’s smart to let her hunger get to that point, she was kinda a pain in the pre-dinner half hour – to have a good dinner or take the edge off earlier. Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “The 6-cup Muffin Pan

  1. We dropped snacks on the weekends for that reason. He snacks at school but it is always much earlier because he naps earlier. We just really don’t snack at all. I put all my “eggs” in the meal basket. Always higher success rate. I have been known to let LT see me preparing dinner and give him healthy things. Like I am cutting bell peppers and he starts signing hungry…so I give him slivers of pepper. He thinks it is cool to not eat in his high chair so he scarfs it down. Win win. Non-whiny toddler eating healthy pre-dinner.

    We are trying to do more family dinners. It takes a lot on my part to get home at 5 and get food ready and on the table before 6 but it makes everyone happier. I have found the days he is getting hungry faster than I can cook, I am teaching him to make food too. Like Monday I made homemade pizza…so I gave him his own pizza pan and let him pick his own spoon from the drawer. HE LOVED IT. He was going through his little fridge to look for things for his pizza. Dinner went off without a whine. WOOT

    • Family dinners – yeah, that’s another work in progress here! It helped last night to only have to prep ours since Margo’s was already ready already! Making food together is a fun idea for a few months down the road. If there’s a solid “like” food, it’d be pizza 😉

      And, again, rotfl at eating peppers as pre-dinner. In Dream World, Margo would do that. 🙂 You have a keeper there, Brandy!

  2. I have a picky, non-meat, non-veggie eater, too. She always eats best at breakfast and worst at dinner, and dinner is usually a wash on days she goes to daycare since they have a late snack. I try to aim for a protein, a grain, and a veggie and/or fruit at dinner. She has actually started eating more vegetables on her own in the last month. I stressed for a long time about her lack of vegetable intake. I found a neat little microwave steamer dish at BRU ( made by Anabel Karmel that lets me do single servings of steamed vegetables so there is less waste. (I’m sure you could do the same thing with a pot & the stove, but I love gadgets.) I make sure that there is always a veggie with dinner (and sometimes lunch) and E has, slowly but surely, started eating more on her own. I think it also helps that she sees other kids at daycare eating vegetables, too. We’ve had good luck with kidney and black beans, too, but all meat has been day to day battle. Good luck! I know it’s so frustrating.

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