What food war?

I’m just tickled at how our Trying New Things initiative is going. I think it has taken this shift in how we do things for me to see how much better it is now.

Some changes:

1. I’ve noticed we’re all just *happier* and less stressed at meal times. It was very predictable before: I’d be frantically preparing something (rushing, bc she was whining/hungry) and get it on the table, only to have her not touch it. I think even the most saintly among us would be slightly to very annoyed at this… (right?) I certainly didn’t take it as maturely as I should have, some nights. I can own that. But now, having more options for her gives me less investment in her acceptance of any one dish. I nuked the green beans for 15 seconds, I don’t care if you don’t touch them. I’m not sure if that’s 100% it, but I’m chilled out and she is too. Before, Margo was stressed. Like, I’d throw a cheesy egg omlette in front of her and she’d whine “NOOO” and try to ask for something she can’t have (cheese, cookies, etc). Now = better.

2. She’s eating what we put in front of her. We’ve been able to sneak that variety back into her diet. Something like blueberries, which she asked for more of tonight! This spring & early summer, she was ALL ABOUT BLUEBERRIES! Just ask her diapers (wait, too far? Sorry). Then, being all excited that she was so excited about a superfood, I over bought (and then they were in season and I overbought again) so I froze. Now, our freezer is oozing superfoods. And I’ve offered her blueberries maybe a half dozen times to mixed reactions. I think offering this variety at meals gives us a chance to try some of the frozen stuff that has been a mixed bag.

Lunch today, she ate 5 whole cups in the muffin tray, leaving only the green beans untouched (and who can blame her. Woops, did I say that?) I mean, that’s a lotta food for a 20 month old!

3. The Foods She Likes list is growing! We’ve now added oranges, thanks to Harris Teeter samples (she had 3!), grilled cheese (Grammy introduced this one, she ate 3/4 of it), and lasagna. Said lasagna? Had meat sauce. I don’t think she knew it, so, folks, the vegetarian child has accidentally eaten meat. *fist pumps*

I’m not saying my kid was ever one to just not eat a meal or leave the table hungry, but we struggled to find WHAT she wanted to eat. And at least over the course of this past week, that struggle has vanished, with, really, not that much effort other than a change in my dinner prep routine. I guess you could say I’m a believer!

I did remember (thanks to a Facebook comment from Lucy – shout out!) that I have Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook on my shelf. Maybe my mom was playing the odds that I’d have a daughter “just like me” when she got it for me at my baby shower… 🙂 I cracked it open and while some of the recipes seem sort of involved, it definitely has potential. I might try one of those recipes this week!


4 thoughts on “What food war?

  1. I’ve been reading this post and the last one. We are currently at a stand still with table food.

    I may try some of the information you provided because otherwise I feel like we are just treading water on this whole eating thing right now.

    • Let me know how it goes… I’m not sure how early this is an effective method for. Like, I’m not sure the 6 cup muffin pan would be ideal just yet, but maybe just adding the diversity would be beneficial…

  2. Our philosophy is “if you are hungry you’ll eat”. 🙂 Food battles can’t be won 🙂

    You are right, Variety is so important.

    We are very relaxed about food.

    Toddlers are natural discerning eaters. They are developing and discovering what their preferences are so we kind of went with it very easygoing — just an extension of the baby led weaning/baby led solids we were already doing. “Do I like peas today?” “I’ve exhausted all there is to know about bananas, they no longer interest me at this juncture. ” “I did not ask for this, bah.” We’ve always meal shared so there is never really waste. Burritos, guacamole, salsa, curry, stir fry, spicy (though not crazy)… It’s all up for grabs if you care to grab it.

    One morning I get to eat my pancakes in peace and the next I’m struggling to get my share LOL

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