My Fabric Softener Ad Moment

I’m kind of liking the little challenge that I laid out for myself that I’d blog about little Margo Moments once a week. I find it both easy and difficult… she does innumerable cute things through the course of the week, but zeroing in on just one to capture is proving difficult. Wait, is that a version of a first world problem? My kid does too many cute things to choose just one? Sorry.

Last night, Margo was a full-on drunk toddler. She was cracking me & Scott up so much. You know, the toddlers are like drunks analogy, right? She was all giggling at nothing and instead of answering a question she’d be like “Where’s the cat?” and then run to find her and then be like “CUP! I need my cup! Where’s Curious George? Where’d he go? Where’s SMARTY!!!?? Let’s color. ” And me & Scott are sitting there like… “Wha?”

(Note: Margo quotes are translated for comprehensibility).

So, we were just laying around. It was fun, and she was just amusing the crap out of me. She wanted to lay on the bed, so we did. (This is one of my favorite requests to grant… because I get to LAY on the BED!!! It’s equivalent to a cookie to me.) She likes to lay with her head on the pillows (pi-yous) and close her eyes and pretend to sleep, which is really cute because she has this big smile the whole time like “OMG, they totally think I’m asleep!!” Then she opens her eyes and says “AWAKE!” We just rolled around on the bed, tickling, fake sleeping, throwing pillows off the bed… it was pretty cute. They could have filmed a fabric softener ad with us, I tell you!

And of course, no video or photographic proof. That would have ruined my pure enjoyment of the moment and changed it. So sad, but true.


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