Try It!

We had an impromtu lunch date with my friend Kathleen & her son Nolan the other day. In between trying to coax the kids into trying the foods I (er, Trader Joe’s) had prepared, we ended up chanting this little ditty from Sesame Street. It’s SS propaganda at its finest.

Well, Margo totally took it to heart! All that day she kept looking up from whatever she was doing and saying “Ty it!” And at meals now if I say “try” in any way shape or form, she gets a cheesy smile on her face and says “ty it!! ty it!!”

So, that’s all adorable or whatever. But, guys, Thursday night? She tried and liked breaded fish and gnocchi. It was earth shattering. Whenever she takes a bite of something new, Scott and I are afraid to even look at each other, let alone utter the obvious. She ate fish, and she ate nearly as much as I had on my own plate. And gnocchi! See, kid? Some foods that aren’t mac and cheese are good too!

AND! She also tried freeze dried green beans – like picked it up on her own and gave it a good college-try bite – and didn’t like it. To which I say, hey, that’s cool. All ya gotta do is TRY IT!

I’m not going to belabor this whole new food method thing. It’s obviously going well for us. I think it’s given us all a little confidence to try new stuff and made us enjoy meals. Like Thursday night? One of our happiest at home meals. We were all eating square meals, enjoying each other’s company and left the table content and full. Win-Win-Win.


One thought on “Try It!

  1. Phew, how wonderful! I have a hell of a time getting my toddler to try new foods. I think she’s going to turn twenty and still just be eating fish fingers and chips! LOL

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