Potty Training Boot Camp – Recap

So, here we are. Day 3 of potty training our 22 month old.

Wait, WHY ARE YOU POTTY TRAINING A 22 MONTH OLD? This is a valid question I pretty much expect you to ask. I assure you it’s not something I ever thought I’d do. Turns out, there were signs everywhere and we just felt it was a window of opportunity. Plus, it coincided with a 3-day non-travel weekend…She was very interested in the potty, very aware of when she was going (telling us while she was doing it) and even had successes on the potty at daycare last week (one of each!) The momentum was all leading to THIS WEEKEND. Oh, and she’s a very verbal girl, so I think that’s also a big help.

This weekend has been long. I know everyone out there tomorrow on the Twitters will be all “OMG, I wish it was still the weekend, I hate Monday, etc” and I’m gonna be all “YAY! I’m at WORK!” Not that it’s all been horrible. In a lot of ways it’s been better than I expected, but imagine sitting in a room staring at your kid for 3 days asking every 10 minutes if she’s dry and for her to tell you if she has to pee. And for the last 1.5 days she’s sick of answering so you’re just basically getting a preview to teenagerhood. And the added fun of knowing she’s been drinking all morning and hasn’t peed so if you don’t ask it could be on the floor in 2 seconds. That’s pretty much my weekend.

We’re not done with Day 3 yet, but I can feel things have changed a little today. We’ve had 4 “events”, only one was a semi-accident. If I may overshare, our issue seems to be the poops. Telling the difference between toots and the real deal is tough, and she doesn’t seem to be one to sit and wait it out on the potty. So, almost all of the poopies end up being started prior to waddling to the bathroom. I tell you, this potty training business is *glamourous*. I know everyone reading this is like so totally jealous.

Our house is about half carpet and half hardwood. We’ve got area rugs on almost all the hardwood now so there’s not a decent section of the house with easy access to the bathroom that’d be good for PTing. And even though our carpet is super crappy, we didn’t want to have to deal with cleaning it as frequently as we assumed we’d need to (and we would have been right.) So we decided to spend the weekend in her bedroom and take up her area rug, and use the toilet across the hall. We bring the potty when we come down to the kitchen to eat.

Seriously, the book Room? I was having major flashbacks. While I sat in Rocker and stared out Window. (What-what Book Club peeps!)

Days 1 and 2, for us, were pretty much the same. It was pretty disheartening at the end of Day 2 because it wasn’t a straight line where things were markedly better. 1 & 2 had about half and half of success and accident rates. Things we depended on being little rewards – M&M’s, new toys, calling grandparents to brag – didn’t seem to be having much effect. Her favorite part seemed to be us making a big deal about it and flushing it down. She also loves the undies we got her with Thomas (had to get boy underwear for this – WHY don’t they make them for girls. They’re so much bigger & saggy in the butt… anyway), also really into the Jessie ones from Toy Story and these creepy ones with dogs. Whatever, she loves dogs. Keeping them dry is more exciting if she feels attached to them.

We also noticed she’s most likely to be successful if she’s one-on-one. Scott and I were largely both there with her this weekend, but oddly, many of her (spotty) successes in Days 1 & 2 were when it was just me or just him. It was creeping me out for a second, her first two poops were when Scott was also, um, in the bathroom. Like they were all synched up.

As awful as it was to miss being outside all weekend (I did manage to escape for a run yesterday!), I feel like we’ve made good strides this weekend. I think the intensive training will be a smart move in the end. I’m hoping daycare this week serves to further the progress.

And there was a lot of alcohol at night and jammies all day, so that’s a win.


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