Back to Work!

So, I might have neglected to mention I’ve gotten a job! Over the past month, we’ve transitioned to Margo going to full time daycare and my working full time. It wasn’t an easy or streamlined transition by any means… at times a lot was up in the air and, well, I don’t generally do too well with uncertainty and helplessness. So long story short, I didn’t feel much like blogging.

It was kinda like when you’re pregnant and past 39 weeks and everyone’s like “When are you gonna have this baby?” and you’re like “I DON’T KNOW, if I had it, you’d know!  But thanks for reminding me of my helplessness and impatience!” That was life for like 2 months for me. I’m really glad to be past it, so now I can happily communicate with family and friends without dreading the well-meaning questions.

Margo is doing really well with daycare, or “school” as we call it with her. She loves her teachers and has learned snazzy skills like drinking from an open cup and cleaning up her toys and spitting out chewed up food to try to make us laugh (it’s adorable. Not.) I really worried a lot about our decision on the school and what it’d be like for her to go from being home with me exclusively to daycare… but honestly, it’s all good. I’m happy and she’s happy. She’s social and is learning rules and making crafts and friends. I love having freedom and time to workout and outsourcing naptimes and mealtimes… (does that make me a bad mom?)

Working is going well so far. It’s actually kind of nice since I started last Monday, the first day of a holiday week. So I got a 3 (er, 2 – Margo was home sick Wednesday) day stretch under my belt and a catch up break. It’s a bit of a transition for me too, getting used to this whole putting on make up, sitting in one place all day, being around grown ups all day thing… but I’m pretty confident it’ll only get better. I’m happy and validated in my choice, and couldn’t ask for much more right now.

But it’s clear there’s a very delicate balance with this whole working mom thing… time is far more precious than it was before. Let’s explore that, shall we?


4 thoughts on “Back to Work!

  1. I’m glad you have such a workable situation for everybody. This is such a case-by-case, work-hours/childcare-options/individual-childrens’-needs/financial-cost-vs-reward /job roles-and-responsibilities/employer-flexibility/benefits-and-pay-rate/balance-with-other-spouses-job – based, COMPLICATED decision that every family has to make…and make again at different times. I’m just curious…were you able to stay home with sick Margo on your first week? Or did Scott take off? These are the kinds of things that almost break our fragile situation… neither of us has much flexibility because there is no one to cover for our daily work responsibilites when we are gone.

    • Kel Just saw this. I’m super lucky that SAS has unlimited family sick leave, so I stayed home with her. And we were all sick 2 weeks ago and I stayed home. It’s great, but especially the most recent time, I did feel the crunch of missing work and falling behind, etc. There’s no easy way to have a sick child with two working parents… not having to take sick time/vacation time helps, but doesn’t mean I didn’t feel guilty for missing work.

  2. Wow – that policy is awesome. I definitely struggle to take any more than a day without feeling like I’m falling behind at work, too. No matter what you do, there is guilt. We all find our own ways to live with it. I don’t mean to suggest it’s not hard, just that for some people it just isn’t even possible to be there for your kids when they need you. It’s nice to hear of an employer that keeps such a high priority on families and knows their workers will work better if they feel like they can still parent their kids. There aren’t many out there!

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