*flops down on the couch* And I’m Spent.

If you’re thinking about having a child in January, may I advise… um, not? I don’t want this to come off as regretting the birth of my kid, because I’m obviously not doing that, but if there’s any way you can make your child’s birthday NOT be 3 weeks after Christmas, I advise doing that. Because, daaay-um. I’m a tired momma. We had a great Christmas, a great 2nd birthday and a fantastic (but delayed due to family-shared stomach bug…fun times) birthday party. The delayed birthday party made the party better (because I had time to, you know, get food and streamers) but it also added another week to the hecticness of Christmas/birthday season. And now? I’m spent.

Not that I’m not ALWAYS spent. I find it very telling that my last blog posting was about how -yay- I started a new job and it’s all good! It still is all good (great, even) but the whole “spare time to spend on the blog thing”… that’s pretty much gone. I have been busy pretty much from day one with work, which I find to be a blessing. Nothing more annoying than sitting twiddling your thumbs. And after doing the dinner/bath/stories/clean up thing, the last thing I really feel like doing in the evenings is trying to come up with clever prose.

Being a working mom is much more my speed than being a stay at home mom was. I’m happier and my moods are more even keeled. Of course there are days where the stress of doing both things is too much. Like during the aforementioned family-shared stomach bug. Staying home from work for four days wasn’t my idea of a fun time, but it had to be done. And I’m lucky to have a workplace that allows me to do that without judgement or use of personal vacation days… overall, I feel more centered and I feel I’m able to give my child more when we are together than I gave her over the whole days at home. I’m declaring to the world: I like being a working mom. Words I never thought I’d say.

But, you say, you just said you’re “spent.” What’s up with that? I’m spent, but it’s in a good way. I feel like all the parts of my brain are being utilized. I feel like I’m actually remembering more and being a better person, better utilizing my free time that has somehow gone from very little to even less. I’m secretly hoping that a small part of the exhaustion I’m feeling is due to the Christmas/Birthday onslaught of toys/decoration/obligation/joy etc. February shall be boring.


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