Half Marathoning 3.0

Welp, I’ve registered to run another 13.1 race this June & I’m really excited about it! We’re going to wine country in Virginia (who knew that was a thing) for the VA Wine Country Half on June 2. Don’t bother googling it, it’s full. Only exculsive and elite runners get in. (Or runners who register 6 months before the race… but I prefer to think of myself as elite.)

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but I’m SO READY to start training. And when I actually looked at a calendar I realized I don’t really have to start until… March? But whatever, I’m going for it. No time like the present, etc.

This Half training is gonna be different. The past two I’ve run I used the infamous Hal Higdon’s Novice Plan. It gets the job done, and I had two really good half marathon experiences – I felt trained enough to run the whole 13.1 without stopping and in a time that felt good to me. I can’t bash his plan. But that dude is annoying on the Twitters, a prime example of why old ppl should continue saying “What’s all this with the twittering and tweets?” and then DON’T SIGN UP FOR TWITTER. Well, I’m sure there are some cool seniors who could handle it, but Hal’s annoying.

Where was I? Ah yes, my training. You see, my PR for a half-marathon is 2:03:30. This is awesome, and I’m really proud of it, but it’s also *just* close enough to breaking 2 hours that I knew the minute I got it I’d have to do another half marathon. So, that is going to be my training goal, I believe. I don’t know if I’m going to follow a training program or wing it. I was looking at Runners’ World’s training plans (where they can give you workouts based on the time you want to race). We’ll see how extravagant I’m feeling though.  All I know is I want to make sure the cross training piece doesn’t fall off this time. I know that you’re “supposed” to Xtrain in almost every plan but, I mean, come on, does anyone do that? Most of all this time, I want to keep up my weekly swim and my body sculpting class. I think the diversity will help my fitness level, but also keep me from getting so sick of running.

For now? It’s super fun. Stay tuned for half-marathoning updates.

Me and baby Margo after my last 13.1  11/14/2010

Me and baby Margo after my last 13.1 11/14/2010



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