Potty Training: Poopin’ on Princesses

You’ll recall we did a boot-camp style potty training with Margo in November, when she was 22 months. If I had to ball park it, I’d say that weekend got us 70% of the way there. It was beyond the point of turning back, but it wasn’t a sure thing. For instance, going out in public without a pullup? We weren’t there after that weekend. However, after that weekend, putting a diaper on her for playtime felt wrong. We did (and still do), put a pullup on for naps and a nighttime diaper on for sleeping.

From November to now, I’d describe it as a long slow climb. We’ve had set backs, for sure but it’s slowly but surely getting there. A week and a half with her over Christmas got us closer to the PT Promised Land.

After Christmas, we had a few hurdles… two rounds of the sickies. A digestive bug threw off our game, and then an ear infection which required antibiotics that… threw off the digestive game again. So, not to be all Excuse Girl about it, but there were mitigating factors, ones that are probably more like the rules rather than the exceptions when you’re talking about toddlers in the winter. But, through all the set backs I remain positive that we’re ALMOST there. REALLY!!!

Potty training is one of the most trying things yet with child rearing (snort). I feel like I had all these expectations (out of diapers by January! Wearing underwear at her 2nd birthday! Worry free!) but it’s clear it’s not something you can put a time table on. Right now I’m getting to this point where I just don’t feel like buying freaking pull-ups anymore. We use them very rarely anymore: naps and I provide them to daycare (although, I don’t *think* they use them that much, judging by how slowly the stash is being used. Plus she’s almost always in underwear when I pick her up.)

Fun fact: there are only two options in Huggies Pull Ups – Cars or Princesses. I got Cars the first go-round but then decided it’d be fun to have only one Princess thing in our house and have it designed to catch poop. I feel like that’s a slap in the face to Cinderella, right?? It made me feel powerful, I suppose that’s all potty training has left me with.

There are few things when I think back on PTing that were “essential”… we could have done it with out a mini potty, without the ring for the toilet seat, even pull ups (though, we would have seen a major uptick in laundry, but whatever.) These two things are all I can think of that really were essential, and they’re even obsolete now 🙂

Foldable Travel Potty seat – means no sitting on yucky public potties, esp in the beginning when they’re hesitant to relax and do their business. We don’t use it anymore, but it was essential for the first month or so!

We ended up putting up a sticker chart in Margo’s bathroom where she got to put a sticker on each time she had a success. A lot of the traditional rewards ppl had rec’ed to me (M&M’s, oreos, toys, etc) just didn’t seem to be motivating her. Sticking a Grover sticker on the Elmo chart? A winner. Plus it was low enough she wanted to do it all the time and saying she only could do it if she used the potty actually seemed to hit home.  We used this book/chart.


2 thoughts on “Potty Training: Poopin’ on Princesses

  1. Yay for Margo! Potty training was by far my least favorite part of motherhood BOTH times we went through it. I will say it was easier the 2nd time but still not fun… the 1st time I had a 4 month old and a 2.5 year old who didn’t want to use the potty. The 2nd time we “forced” the issuse and she was potty trained very quickly!

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