The Ultimate Fruit Smoothie Post

I’ve been trying this new and earth-shattering (and, um, obvious) concept where I try to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. It’s helpful that BCBSNC, our insurance, has this BluePoints program that gives me gift cards for doing it and logging it. Free stuff? Certainly helps.

And I’ll also say that getting that many servings in a day requires planning, and sorta makes it so that eating carby and fatty snacks is harder… There’s not room for them. Another obvious benefit… What can I say, this blog is all about revelations.

I have this recipe for fruit smoothies that was initially given to me as a recovery drink for after long runs. Scott and I have been drinking them as breakfast/big snacks to knockout THREE (that’s more than half, for you math types) of our required servings.

Trial and error has taught me the following:

  • Don’t use pineapple. Just… don’t. Scott and I both agree, it’s totally gaggy. <-not a word, but it fits.
  • Fresh spinach! It’s ok, you can’t taste it, I promise. Just blend it up really well and it’s truly like it’s not there. But you’re sneaking greens into yourself, you trickster.
  • Make a bunch. It makes a huge mess, so I try to do it every weekend once, clean up once. Then, I freeze them in ziploc baggies in one-portion sizes, laid flat so they stack nicely and thaw quicker. (The oldest breastmilk freezing trick in the book, amirite???)
  • I prefer drinking with a straw.
  • Also, don’t use pineapple. Seriously, bears mentioning twice.

With out any more blah blah ing, here she is. Not that all of my tweeps don’t already have it, but whatevs.

EW Veggies! (Shh, you won't even taste it.)

Smoothie Time
2 c frozen blueberries
2 c frozen blackberries
2 c frozen raspberries
(replace 2 c of fruit with a big handful of fresh spinach if you want to go for it!)
1 small banana
2 Tbsp apple juice
3 heaping scoops of 365 (Whole Foods) brand Vanilla Whey protein powder

Partially thaw berries (blending fully frozen blueberries can hurt your blender). Add fruit and juice and blend till smooth. Add in protein powder and blend till creamy.

If you do 2 servings per batch,
Cal: 430
Pro: 28 g
Carb 77 g
Fiber 19 g
Fat: 3.5 g

I usually do 3 servings per batch which is a good boost, but not a full breakfast. 1/3 of the batch is:
Cal: 320
Pro: 21 g
Carb 55 g.
(&, I’ve figured it’s 3 servings of fruit.)

Also, I pretty much just try to put in 6 cups of any fruit. I use whatever I have… until recently I still had frozen peaches from the summer! Trader Joe’s also has a lot of berry blends that mix up nicely!


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