Have Child, Will Travel

Work travel isn’t something I want to do a lot of, nor something I should have to do often. But, this week, I’m spending 4 days in San Diego, without my kid or husband. Of COURSE it’s harder, leaving my child behind. But, I’ll admit, I’m excited in a lot of ways. A hotel room to myself, a gorgeous, oceanfront hotel room, at that. I’m excited to get my schedule and figure out when and where I can run. I’m excited to learn stuff and perhaps get a grasp on the general ins and outs of my book subject matter. I’m even excited for the plane rides (gonna read Think!) Oh, and I’m also reading a biography of Michelle Rhee for part of my research. I wouldn’t be shocked to find a feministy post about girl power and smart women in the near future…

I am gonna miss the crap outta my girl though. And I feel the need to let daycare know that if her hair is a hot mess it’s not my fault 😉 I’ve been trying to teach Scott how to do ponytails, but that’s a hard skill to teach a man. And, a skill that’s pretty essential in Margo care! Although I’ve been left behind while Scott travels several times since Margo came into the picture, this is the longest time I’ve been gone.

I’m sitting in the airport right now actually, finally getting the free time to finish this post and as much as I AM looking forward to all of the things above, it was pretty sad to say good night last night. Pretty sad to teach Margo that Mommy was going to “California!” Pretty sad I won’t actually see her till Saturday.

It’s going to fly by, right??? :looks around hopefully:


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