And you thought I was a Runnerd before…

So, I’ve all of the sudden had my love and passion for reading reignited. I kind of knew that the whole transitioning to a new job and being a working mom thing would be stressful and time consuming so I sort of gave myself the past two months to adjust, without a lot of attention to my reading. I kept up with my book club’s selections but all of the sudden, I want more. In the past week, I’ve purchased 2 ebooks and joined

(I’m blaming Lisa Bloom. If you haven’t, read Think. Just do it. I’m trying to write a cohesive post about it but I KNOW it’s the motivating force behind my renewed energetic reading.)

Where was I? Ah yes. So, I joined and get a free month and a free download. I’d been hearing a lot of lukewarm sentiments about our March book club book (Violets of March) so I thought, why not listen to it? I think I’d only ever listened to Tuesdays with Morrie while driving cross country in, like, 2002. So yeah, it’s been a while.

I am exploring ways to fit in extra reading, and since I run a lot I’m trying to listen & run. I’ve only done it once, but I have to say I liked it! Even with the crappiest book ever written. (Ok, overstatement, but it’s really not great. Anyone passing me on the greenway would see me either rolling my eyes or smirking… it’s predictable and very unimaginatively written.) I’m very much looking forward to reading a good book next. I was afraid it’d make me run slower, but it was pretty much exaclty the same pace as I’d been doing before and if anything I was more engaged.

Although, I am sacrificing some thinking time. But I can always turn it off if I need that time back.

Some observations (& questions:)

  • I tried to synch the audible file onto my iPod but something didn’t work there. I tried to listen to Chapter 1 and it started playing Chapter 11. So that was weird. I’ve been listening through the app on my iPhone, which works wonderfully but is KILLING my battery. Still working out the kinks in the technology.
  • Are ALL audio books annoyingly narrarated? The reader for this one is trying to “do voices” for all the characters which is annoying, especially since there are several men and old people. Anyone with audio book experience have thoughts here?
  • I was so excited! I swam this morning and I always dread getting ready in the locker room and having to listen to stupid HLN proffering their “news” (LIVE outside the morgue where Whitney Houston is! <- Not news. Anyway.) but today! I listened to my iPhone. Even listening to a mediocre book enhances boring hairdrying.
  • OH, and I’ve found a way to increase the narrator’s speed. So even though she’s annoying, she’s at least talking faster and hopefully I can move on with my life sooner.

All in all, loving the new addition to my reading agenda. Just have to figure out what’s next. Any suggestions?

Oh, and in ebook form, I’m reading The Fault In Our Stars. GO READ THIS BOOK. Amazing. I’m loving it 🙂


9 thoughts on “And you thought I was a Runnerd before…

  1. Can I say I’m sad that this isn’t a post about your upcoming marathon? I’m so stoked that you and my 2 other friends are running it.

    I’m never running a marathon but I love to read about people who do 🙂 Can you work on that please? Thanks!

    • Haha, I can do that! I’m excited too – but still sorta in denial about the realities of training bc it’s so far off right now 🙂 I have to register March 8 so I have to get dedicated then!

  2. I LOVE audiobooks. I have no idea what I would do without them on my long drives! Some of the narrators are better than others… most of them do try to do “voices” though. I love anything Jim Dale does (he did all the Harry Potter books and more recently, The Night Circus) and I also really loved the voice acting in The Help and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

    I get almost all of my audiobooks from the library. Most of the time I listen to the dics, since I’m in the car anyway, but sometimes I’ll put in on my iPod and that seems to work pretty well. Also! If you ever want to listen to anything in the public domain LibriVox is trying to record ALL of those. I listened to The Secret Garden from there and loved it.

    Have I babbled on enough about audiobooks? I’m pretty sure I could go on all day, haha. Happy listening!

    • I need to check out our library. Audible offered a month free and a free book (so actually 2 free books since you get one/month for the subscription fee). I figured I’d give it a go and cancel at the last minute if I wasn’t digging it. Our library is great & pretty techy so I’m betting signing them out is a good option for me! And thanks for the librivox link. LOL at some of them though, maybe I’ll listen to the Bible when I run? 🙂

  3. I also listen to audiobooks when I run. I started it when I was training for a marathon and have been hooked ever since.

    I also check them out from the library via Overdrive. Some readers are great and some are horrible. That is why I love the library – totally free way to check it out and I can do Overdrive without leaving my house. Also…. once you transfer the book from Overdrive to your ipod, it never gets deleted even though technically the library says you have it for 7 days.

    If you find you do like running and listening, I would HIGHLY recommend the This American Life app. $3 and you have access to every story ever. I made it through all 400+ of them by listening while running and driving! I download one episode before running so that it doesn’t kill the battery.

  4. I have started listening to missed NPR stories… on Mondays I can often be seen running & laughing to the past weekend’s “Wait! Wait!”

    I think I will try an ebook… I need something new!

    • Ah, I love Wait Wait, and never catch it on the weekends 🙂 I bet i could download the podcast, I am pretty bad about blowing through my 3G like a teenager these days. (I blame instagram)

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