Book Nerds: Kid Edition

This morning, I got to read to Margo’s pre-school class, in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. We love reading to Margo, always have (even in the early days – adorable video,) and she loves to page through books on her own. I was super excited, signed up early (even though, sadly, all the slots didn’t even fill up.) It was so sweet to see her in the middle of the day, and see her in her element. She was so well behaved and sweet, and so excited. I was a proud momma today 🙂

I debated my decision a lot, which forced me to evaluate my *favorite* children’s books. Incidentally, these also happen to be Margo’s favorites! The front runners for today’s readaloud at daycare were:

Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct (Mo Willems)
Go, Train, Go! (Rev W Awdry)
Madeline (Ludwig Bemelmans)
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale (Mo Willems)

Edwina is so fun, like all of Mo Willems’ books. Plus, there are plates of chocolate chip cookies inside the cover that Margo likes to pretend eat and share with me, which is melt-your-heart adorable. And there’s a character called Reginald Von Hoobie Doobie, which is hilarious. Go, Train, Go! is a Thomas book, and would have been great to read to the class. It’s rhymy and cute… Thomas gets into some mud which makes him all “dawdy!” and eventually saves the day because Thomas always wins. But something in me didn’t want to take a commercialized character into a class of toddlers. They get Thomas; I’m feeling like opening eyes to new worlds today. Madeline is one of my all time favorites, period. In college I took a Writing Children’s Lit class and this is one of the ones that just stuck with me. I love it mostly at night though, because who can beat the last page? “Good night, little girls, thank the lord you are well. And now go to sleep, said Miss Clavel…” I want to fall asleep just writing that. (I totally have that page framed over her bed.)

But, I went with Knuffle Bunny. This book is our absolute enduring favorite for more than a year now, which is saying something given how quickly toddler obsessions can change. Early on, the illustrations appealed to her. She eventually began to identify other things in the pictures, a dog in the background, keys, etc. Now she says Trixie’s lines (“Aggle Flaggle Klabble! Snurp.”) And you guys, this story is just so sweet… There’s also Knuffle Bunny Too and Knuffle Bunny Free, which are nice to spice up the rotation. They follow Trixie as she gets older. As you can imagine, the last one is adorable and tearjerking.

Would be a great Easter Bunny gift… actually Margo is getting a stuffed Knuffle Bunny for Easter!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss, and happy reading to children day.



5 thoughts on “Book Nerds: Kid Edition

  1. It makes me so sad/mad that all of the reading slots didn’t fill up!

    Good choice! Although you couldn’t have gone wrong with anything Mo Willems. We are big Mo Willems fans here too and I agree with you about the ending of Madeline… perfect way to say good night to my girls.

    • Sometimes when I can’t fall asleep at night (or when I wake up in the middle of the night & can’g fall BACK to sleep), I recite Madeline in my head. It even soothes ME!

      I love Mo! I haven’t met a Mo Willems book I don’t love… They seem to be Margo’s faves too.

  2. I am glad to see you pick your favorite book that you enjoy together I haven’t heard of this book, but am now going to get it for my daughter. I love reading to her and I love books! 😉

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