26.2, here I come!

So, I’m officially registered to run the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon! With 30,000 other crazies. I logged on dutifully at 3:00pm yesterday (thank you alert in my Outlook calendar!) and after maybe a dozen “Server Unavailable/Try Again Later” messages I got a registration form! I was all registered by 3:20, so what felt like a big frustration was nothing. Turns out, I was only one of 15,948 people trying to refresh that same screen, so I suppose that makes sense.

“Marking the fastest sellout in the history of marathon events, the MCM has sold out 30,000 available online entries in 2 hours, 41 minutes, besting the previous registration record of eight hours for the 2011 Boston Marathon. As the MCM opened registration today at 3:00 p.m. EST, runners registered in a fervent pace with more than 15,948 runners securing their spots in just the first hour”

So, we’ll have a lot of over-zealous, persistent runners this year!  I’m pretty stoked to be one of them.

::excited sounds::

This will be my first marathon. I’m not quite sure when the bug bit me… I contemplated training last fall for a local one but the timing was all wrong for one reason or another. Raleigh’s was the same day Margo was being baptized. Plus, it was a last minute idea.

I decided if I’m gonna do this, let’s do it right. Let’s do the coolest marathon I have heard of, a flat course with crowd support and awesome scenery. Let’s give me plenty to time to get my stuff together training-wise. Let’s give me lots of time to get used to the fact that I’m going to be a RUNNING MACHINE for the majority of this year!

And guys? I’m SO excited. The whole drama of registering yesterday made it occur to me that maybe I wouldn’t get in, which made me really sad. So, in a way, all the up and down assured me this was really what I wanted.

I’ve only just begun to look at training plans, starting (of course) with Hal Higdon. If anyone has any tips or encouragement for me, I’m all ears (or…eyes?)


7 thoughts on “26.2, here I come!

  1. Congrats on successfully registering! I’m going to be running my first marathon this year as well (Philadelphia) and have been training and putting my all into it. The registration issue scares me too- what if I don’t get in? I’ll be devastated! Guess I’ll just have to make plans to be sitting in front of my computer when registration opens like you did =) Happy running, can’t wait to read more about your training!

    • Like I said, the registration issue seemed annoying but stay patient. I can’t believe it filled up so quickly – last year it was 28 hours and that seemed fast. When does the Philly marathon open for registration? Good luck!

  2. I ran the LA marathon once. I only have two pieces of advice from that experience:

    * Long training runs are essential to test your gear and prep for problems,

    * Do NOT do ANYTHING different the weekend of the race, or during the race, than what you have done in training. I trained in SF and it was 20 degrees warmer in LA for the race. I was so delirious at mile 19 that someone handed me Gu shot and I took it. It gave me runner’s bowels for the next 7 miles!!! I had been going a 10 minute mile pace but I spent so much time in porta-potties that I ended at a 15 minute mile pace.

    Good luck! Race day is super exciting!

    • UGH, that sounds miserable, Laura 😦 What a bummer. But major hats off to training in SF? Yowzah, you must be tough because walking up those hills got me winded.

      I think it snowed at this marathon last year… that random Halloween weekend snow. So who the hell knows what the weather will bring… Thanks for the advice!

  3. good supportive runners around you! While I personally am not into racing – I love to train with racers. A friend is running TR full and I have been doing some of the longer runs (16 miles +) with her – happy to help out in that way if you want/need it. I hate running alone – some people love it, but if you like to have friends around, let us know!

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