Hugo Cabret and 11-22-63 Book Reviews

I have slowed down on my reading, a little… but not too much! I just finished two this past week (one audio, one paper) that I shall review for you now. (Spoiler: Both were really awesome!)

The Invention of Hugo Cabret – Brian Selznick
I read this for book club, and it’s impossible not to feel daunted by the size of this book. It’s like an encyclopedia or something. But, don’t be scared, dear reader, it’s a magical thing called a graphic novel. You know how smarty pants will sometimes see your book and be like “I only read books with pictures, har har.” Well, they must read this book. Hugo is full of beautiful, expressive illustrations. I enjoyed the pictures (in that “ooh, look, art!” kinda way.) And I liked that it moved really fast (I could read 200 pages in a sitting!) I would love to see the movie adaptation. It was a book club book and I’ll be interested to hear what my fellow booknerds have to say about it.

11-22-63 (Stephen King)
I listened to this book, and dude, it was 30 hours. That’s about a month’s worth of audio book time for me. I listened on my runs, while getting ready in the locker room and on weekends while doing chores. It’s weird, reading audio books filled so much empty time for me this past month. I don’t know what’s next and it’s making me jumpy!

Length aside, it was a fantastic book. I highly, highly reccommend it. I also had never read a Stephen King book before, and based on what I know about SK, this isn’t his typical book. While it was definitely sci-fi, it wasn’t too horror-y or gory or anything.

The basic premise was the main character, Jake, happened upon a time travel portal that takes you back to September 1958. He was setting out to stop the assassination of President Kennedy (the date in the title) by killing Lee Harvey Oswald, and the lengthy and very fascinating story ensures. So many interesting things to think about: butterfly effect, what would you change if you could and what the effects would be… for me, the 1960’s in general are sort of an interest so that was fun. There was a great author’s note at the end by SK about his research on JFK’s assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald. Particularly for the audio book, the voice acting was great. If you’re considering an audio book, this is a great one.

For my next audio adventure, I’m considering Michael Lewis’s Boomerang or perhaps a David McCollough history book? Any other suggestions? I’m still on audible because I’m still too dumb to figure out the library’s site…



5 thoughts on “Hugo Cabret and 11-22-63 Book Reviews

  1. Are you on GoodReads? I love love love that site because I get a daily email letting me know what all my friends have read, their comments, and what they’ve marked as to-read.

    One of my friends had problems with audio too. You have to download the audio from Overdrive to the Overdrive Media Console. From the media console, you transfer it to your ipod. I then have to create an itunes playlist because itunes makes it disappear into the ether. My husband thinks this is not worth it but I think it’s worth it for the free books!

    • I am on goodreads, but haven’t been keeping up with it. I also don’t have too many friends on it…

      I think my Overdrive problems are 1. because of our Mac at home. The book at issue is the WMA file type, so can’t be downloaded to a Mac. I tried to put the Overdrive stuff on my work PC and I feel like there might be a firewall issue? Something about a Media Player update that I can’t figure out. I’ve done all I can think of, it’s beyond my computer skills.

      Honestly, with the amount of time I spent navigating all these things I was happy to pay $15 to audible for a book that just shows up on my phone automagically. I know I need to man up & figure it out, but it’s sorta been the “one more thing” lately that I just don’t have time to deal with. (end rant – sorry!) So, for the time being, I’m w/ your husband on this one!

  2. I haven’t read Hugo yet, but I LOVED the movie. It was so great. We saw it in 3D and it just blew me away. This is the first movie I’ll be saw to rewatch in 2D!

    Audiobooks! If you go to the library they can a) answer your Overdrive questions b) you can just get the discs and put the files on your iPod from there. Recent favorites of mine include The Night Circus and Sarah’s Key. I’m waiting for the Stephen King one and I’m really excited! Good luck picking your next book! 🙂

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