Blog Guilt & A Reimagined Purpose…

THIS is why blogging can be a drag, if I may be frank. I’m doing like 50 thousand things and from time to time I think “Hey, I could blog about this, I have funny/insightful things to say.” But it’s always while I’m running or driving or something. It feels like it doesn’t really fit in with my lifestyle sometimes, and I’m not really willing to give up evening fun (reading, TV, picking up my home – though THAT’S not fun) to cram it in.

But yet, there’s something that keeps me feeling like I want to do this. I am a writer by trade, this is way funner than the writing I do for work so I always find a little bit of something that makes me want to keep it up and go for it (again.) Blogging can be therepeutic, helping me parse events & situations. It can be helpful, with comments pointing me toward solutions I never knew about. There sort of IS a middle ground though, where it feels like you’re blogging for no one, and the unresponsiveness makes it feel not worth the effort.

But whatever, I guess I’m going to do it. Again. I am an inconsistent blogger, at best. It’s just something you should know about me. I’m going to try to be better.

So, I give you my blog repurposing: In the coming 6 months, I’m going to train for a marathon (through the North Carolina summer) while working full time with a 2 year old. That sentence makes me feel slightly insane. But in a “no time like the present” leap, I’m going for it and why not try to rationalize it with a blog to make you all understand my insanity?


4 thoughts on “Blog Guilt & A Reimagined Purpose…

  1. Yes yes yes to all of your insights. I almost packed up and quit my blog recently because it seemed like a chore. I do look forward to hearing about marathon training. I ran LA when I was 24 because it fell on my birthday, and I haven’t been had the motivation since then to do because of the huge time commitment in training. Will be cheerleading you the whole way!

  2. Jamie, I read every single one of your posts in my weekly email digest! Keep blogging, I love reading your thoughts (although I’m usually too lazy to respond, and honestly can’t ever respond to running posts). But even the running posts are cool cause they remind me that even really fit people have to struggle through and set new goals and even sometimes think they suck, which I can relate to as a mostly couch-potato aspiring exerciser. :-). Some days it even makes me feel like maybe someday i’ll actually get off my ass again! (maybe)

    • Haha, thanks Lucy! Sounds like you’re pretty busy these days so you can cut yourself some slack. Being at home with Margo actually kept me in good shape, as cliche as that sounds! I appreciate your comment, I’m doing my best to keep up the mediocre work!

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