4 weeks to the half!

Juuuust under 4 weeks until I take on the VA Wine Country Half Marathon. It’ll be my 3rd half and for some reason I took on the goal of breaking 2 hours. So the training plan is ending up to be REALLY HARD. I know, surprising. But I’m rising to the challenge. To be honest, I think it’s only getting super hard right about now. The past 2 months were tougher than usual, but with a long-slow-distance run on the weekend (comparable to what I’ve done before) and one speed workout a week it felt manageable.

This week I have to do 6 miles with 4 miles at a 9:00 pace. I had to do that same speed workout a few weeks ago and absolutely DIED. I made one mile at 9:00 then just sucked tough for the rest of the time. It was maybe the most painful run of my life. You know, when you just sort of realize at some point when you’re several miles from a way out of it that you can’t do it and then your brain keeps telling you “You suck!” and you listen and start walking… it was a bad run, guys. Anyway, I rebounded and feel like I won’t necessarily self-destruct on Wednesday’s re-do, but it’s still sorta very daunting bc of the way last time turned out.

The running/audio book thing has been generally fun. I loved loved loved running to Stephen King’s 11-22-63 and wish I could find another awesome book just like that to listen to. It was the perfect blend of action and prose, but not TOO intense. It’s the density that can be overwhelming with running to audio books, I’m finding. I finished Moonwalking with Einstein recently. It was … okay. I had higher hopes. It got boring at parts (like really dragged.) I stuck it out and I don’t think I’d necessarily recommend it. I’m listening to Rachel Maddow’s Drift right now, which I LOVE because she’s reading it and she’s just awesome. It’s good, but it’s also SO DENSE and I’m missing a lot. Good news is it’s mine forever and I can re-listen at some point, but bad news is I missed like ALL of the Iran-Contra stuff bc it was a speedworkout. lol. Maybe shoulda read that one. I think I need to cash out that iTunes gift card I got for Xmas for Wednesday’s “BIG WORKOUT.”

Overall, I feel like I’m in great shape, especially for this early in the training plan. I’m hoping the next month can get me to where I want to be timewise… I’ve been doing weekend runs with my friends who are also doing the race, makes SUCH a difference to have company. I really need to establish some connections on the marathon training front!


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