What I need to run these days…

Isn’t it funny how they always say “ANYONE can run, all you need are shoes!” So much more accessible than, say, biking or tennis or swimming. No equipment to shell out for.

That may be true for the beginning, but after you get into running you quickly find there are lots of *things* that help. This spring, here are the things that are helping me recover and stay injury free.*

*And look like a toolbox when I run.

  • Compression socks! It’s my favorite old person accessory that’s been reclaimed as cool by runners. See? Mine are hot pink. I have two pairs and I LOVE them for longer runs. They help me recover and be less sore. And heaven forbid I’m actually having a pain issue (shin splints, as it were), they are seriously magical. I have CEPs and Pro Compression. They’re both nice, but the CEPs are tighter and therefore better. (And therefore more expensive.)
  • Fuel Belt. I easily drink my way through a whole 4-bottle FB on a long run, as I SHOULD. I am so all about hydration, it’s not surprising I love my FB. Plus it has a pocket for Gu or for keys or whatever.
  • Shades. Face it, it’s sunny in NC. That’s a perk of living here, but you must remember, I still have some lifeguard blood in my and do not like to squint. If it’s even a little sunny, I’ve got my shades on! I have a set of these Tifosi running sunglasses and like them. They fog up when I stop running, but I can deal. Good incentive to keep running (SO HARDCORE.)
  • Road ID. Don’t think of it as a toe tag, just better to have & hope you never need it.
  • Office Fan. I run in the mornings. It’s humid in NC, and it’s only May. It goes to hellish levels in the summer. I got a $10 desk fan at Target and it has improved me standard of living immensely. Often, the walk from the locker room to my office leaves me sorta very sweaty. It’s my new tradition to shut my door, crank the fan and cool down before any other order of business (usually breakfast).

It’s funny, I was finally been relegated to the treadmill last week, when timing and/or 100% humidity levels made running outside unbearable and for that I almost felt naked. No Fuel Belt, no gps watch, no iPhone arm band. It was a nice change, though it still sucks to be inside. 🙂


2 thoughts on “What I need to run these days…

  1. Do you run with your phone? I have never been able to find an arm band that my iPhone with the Otterbox fits into it… I look very similar when I run although have my phone in a belt around my waist.

    • I have an iPhone 4, but had an armband case from my old iPhone 3G that still fits. It’s nothing special, I think it was maybe $15 bucks? I have to take it out of the otterbox though. (That picture was from a few weeks ago before I unearthed my old case & I was just holding my phone as a I ran.)

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