Running Fatigue: Motoring through

We’re in the “home stretch” for the half marathon training… less than 2 weeks to go! I’m pretty excited to have it behind me, yet not really dreading my marathon training… I’ll explain.

This training? Has been brutal at times. Most of the weeks at the end of the training plan have me running 5 days a week, so my cross training has either vanished (remember when I used to swim?) or has been forced to be piled on top of running. Like when I run 3 miles then do body sculpting. That’s pretty tough, but the only way I can fit strength training in. The speedwork has been tough too. Last week, there was a 5K race mid-week at work (for National Employee Health & Fitness day) and I was intending to do the 3.1 and then two more miles at race pace for my speedworkout. Yeah, I pretty much died after the race (blaming hills and heat, because it HAS to be something, right??) and could not complete the speedwork. *sad trombone* And tomorrow I’m supposed to run 4 x 1 milers at 8:10. *cough* I’m aiming for 3 (which I’ve done before) and if I feel powerful I’ll go for 4.

The jury is out on this speedwork. I’ve backed off of my “BREAK 2 HOURS OR BUST” goal a little bit… I sort of feel like I’m not “keeping up” with the plan a little, but who knows, I could surprise myself on June 2.

I’m excited to run the race and take a break. It’s says something when I’m looking forward to marathon training because I won’t have to push myself to do a certain speed or incorporate tons of crazy hills. It’s been really fun to run with my friends on the weekends. I am going to miss that when I start in on my insane marathon runs. I need to make crazier friends, evidently.


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