Adventures in Curly Hair: Toddler & Mama Edition

Watching Margo’s hair evolve from straight to Maybe Curly to Curly! to OMG Thick and Curly? (and Summer??) over the past 2.5 years has been fun (Read post from last summer here). Really, if you would have asked me when I was pregnant if I thought my kid would have curly hair, I’d have said No. I never had curly hair as a kid. And while I do find culry haired kids SO CUTE, I also know it’s work and had to be hard on a toddler, right?


Right. So here we are, with a mop of curly beautiful and out of control hair, particularly impressive in the am, as seen above.  Her curls are tight but get frizzy super easy, and recently, maybe over the span of a week we became unable to brush it. I think it got thicker during that time, and we quickly aged out of our Dora the Explorer 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner hair care regimine.

Thus began my journey that ended with me being the mom that spends $25 on hair products and sends her daughter to daycare with gel in her hair. And also the mom who has the exact same hair care regimine as my daughter. WHO AM I?

So, my Twitter friend & family photographer Laura Case recommended I take a walk down the African American hair care aisle. (& some other curly hair recs & discussions I found helpful in this post.) I threw some (more) money at the problem and go Kinky-Curly Leave In Conditioner for Margo and Kinky-Curly Custard (similar to styling gel) for me. I must thank Laura because without her rec, I not only would’ve never had the balls to go in this aisle & shop, but I can further say I wouldn’t have picked up called “Kinky” and “Custard”…

OMG! It’s not an Instagram.

The leave in was AWESOME from the get-go. I mentioned Margo’s hair had thickened to the point where the spray detangler we were using wasn’t letting us get the knots out without tremendous muscle and often whining/tears. So, I put the leave-in in her hair and she immediately, seeing the brush, flinches and sort of braces herself and pre-emptively startes whining. Then I put a brush to her hair and pull it the whole way through, no snags. And SHE LAUGHS. It was the moment when I would have spent hundreds of dollars on this product – yaaay! No tears! I can brush her hair!

A barrette mustache!

I’ve been trying to take a pic of Margo’s “after” hair but she just moves around too much, and her hair is super dark so it doesn’t really look like much. But trust me, it’s good.

I started using the custard on my own hair and the first finger-ful and I was sort of torn on whether I shoud eat it or put it in my hair. It smells so yummy, and you guys, it makes my hair look great. I’m not even humble about it. I feel like I’ve been so confused by my hair and annoyed by it for so long that to feel like I can actually have some CONTROL over how it looks is just a great feeling!

Hey humidity? I’m not scared of you anymore.

And then comes the inevitable cross-over. I liked the Custard so I tried the leave in on my own hair – synergy! It made it even better. Non-crunchy curls that hold! And then I tried the custard on Margo (with some side-eyes from my husband) and it helped hold her curls/defrizz throughout the day.

I’m still a hardline on no make up for my kid, but I feel like a little hair tamer keeps us all happy. And this little journey actually gave ME some perks for my own hair situation. YAY!


6 thoughts on “Adventures in Curly Hair: Toddler & Mama Edition

  1. YAY!
    You have no idea how much Margo will love you in the future for not putting her through the hair brushing trauma us older curly girls have gone through.

    I also think being curly is one of those things that if you’re not curly, you will never understand.

    • Yeah, that moment when she flinched then laughed because it didn’t hurt was when I felt vindicated for going to all this effort 🙂 It’s not just vanity & stagemothering!

      I think you’re right about non-curlies not getting it. Margo is SO LUCKY to have a curly mommy. 🙂

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  4. My daughter has the EXACT same curly hair… except blonder! Also try the curly q hair products and original sprouts! We love Knot Today as well!! God Bless!

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