Half Marathon Fueling Plan

I went to see a nutritionist this week… my primary purpose was getting my day to day eating a little more under control/targeted, but we talked a little about my half marathon race that’s coming up and my plan to stay fueled up.

So, I was doing it wrong. Hmph. I felt like an overachiever with a fuel belt and a packet of Gu for our 10+ mile training runs. That’s not nearly enough.

This weekend I’m running 11 miles & am going to give this a try. If you’re going to work out for more than 60 min, you need:

45 g carbs/hour
450 g sodium/hour
24 oz water/hour

(Interestingly, this is almost exactly the make up of Gatorade.) There are lots of ways to get these nutrients, things like Shot Bloks and Gu and Honey Stingers (or something)…

You’re supposed to consume these nutrients in 20 min increments, so in a 2ish hour run like I’ll be doing this weekend, my hydration/fueling plan might look like this: (I chose these items because I have them on hand, like them and know I don’t have adverse reactions to them.)

20 min: 8 oz Gatorade (fill up bottle with water at water fountain)
40 min: 8 oz Gatorade
60 min: Gu + 8 oz water
90 min: Gu + 8 oz water

Now, I know you certainly CAN run long distances without these nutrients, but like the nutritionist said “do you wanna feel good when you’re done?” Ok, touche. So, I figured I’m going to give it a try. Anything I can do to keep relatively stable energy through the run and in the hours after is important, as it sets me up to be a functioning human and parent, etc. So we’re gonna give it a shot.


10 thoughts on “Half Marathon Fueling Plan

  1. Interesting. I’ve always done kind of what you were doing but this does look more reasonable.

    I have noticed that if I kind of just eat Honey Stingers, water, and/or gatorade for my entire long run I feel less like death at the end. That plan is similiar to what your nutritionist suggested.

    • Maybe you should be a nutritionist! 😉

      The theory is that keeping your levels of the 3 nutrients even rather than high/low will keep you feeling good. I’m sort of excited to try it out tomorrow, gives me something else to think about 😉

      • No nutritionist here! It had been kind of a trial and error to see what worked for me over time.

        I think the key is exactly what you said. Since I do it kind of continuously I guess it keeps the levels more even instead of feeling like a crack addict coming down off a high at mile 6.

        How did it go?

      • Yeah, it’s the consistent maintenence of the levels… so sciency.

        It went pretty well. Had a really great run Saturday and felt pretty good afterward. It was odd to finish and feel sort of “full”… as in, I wasn’t hungry. But I suppose that’s a good thing. 🙂

  2. My problem is – how I can drink 32 oz and still run without peeing????
    I guess you’re supposed to stop to pee.

    I use Recoverite after long runs (or did for all my running, which abruptly stopped this year) and it is a miracle drink.

    • Fluids I drink *during* running aren’t an issue (I must be a heavy sweater… I know, sexy.) but water I drink before IS an issue.

      Hm, Recoverite might be a good option post half-marathon this weekend… wonder if I can get my hands on some… Thanks!

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