A door bell rings at 8:47…

Picture this: Your toddler fought bedtime, learned how to get out of her bed by herself and only finally went to sleep after Daddy got SUPER stern and probably scared her back into bed. And that was, maybe, an hour ago.

Then, just as you’re finishing washing your face & brushing your teeth and getting ready to cozy up with Game of Thrones in bed, DIIIIING DONNNNG.

W. T. F.

After the requisite wracking of my brain on who in the world could be coming to our home now, I throw on a frumpy cardigan and venture downstairs.

Well, wouldn’t ya know it, it’s a canvasser. He proceeds with his rap about the environment and the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I’m transported to 2004 when I was in his shoes. He’s sweaty, passionate about his cause and has a tattered and humidity soaked “Statement of Support” with several neighbors’ addresses on it. I listen, nod and as much as I’m still sorta wanting to slap him upside the head for ringing the doorbell at 8:47 (when KIDS SLEEP!) I realize, he’s got a hard job. In my life of jobs, including hotel maid, lifeguard (including poop & puke clean up), phone fundraiser, pool concession stand ($3.90/hour!!! What minimum wage?)… canvasser was the worst.

And canvasser for the DNC in North Carolina in the summer? I’m a tough girl, but that was hard.

So, I said sure, you need water? You want to come inside? I give him $10 and tell him I used to have his job. He asks when and I say it was for John Kerry in 2004. And only THEN did I realize he was probably in elementary school then. So.. yeah.

Anyway, be nice to canvassers. Even if you disagree or they ring the doorbell late, respect that they’re working for something they believe in for VERY little money. It’s that kind of passion and willingness to work hard for your belief that we need.

And for the love of God only give them cash bc I was out on a route and lost a check one time for a few hours. They’re just kids, afterall 😉


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