Journal: While the Husband’s away…

Scott is making his annual trip to WWDC in San Francisco this week. Last year I got to go for a few days, and it was AWESOME. This year, I’m holding down the fort and taking care of my kid. I’ve decided to make it a KILLER week. Scott doesn’t travel too terribly often, maybe 3 weeks over the course of a year. It’s enough that I feel like I’ve learned how to make it work in the “parental duty” department, and seldom enough that I can make is special without the fear that she’ll expect this kind of fun stuff every week.

What do I have lined up? So glad you asked: Pool trips! Mall trips! Grandparent visits! Playdates! Lion King movie! Cupcakes!

I mean, serioulsy, be jealous. Here’s a journal of the past two days!

Kid was sort of a doll, went astoundingly well!

Scott left yesterday morning. It’s pretty daunting to have an ENTIRE day alone with a 2 year old to start off a week of solo parenting. Daycare days, sure. That’s doable. I mean, it’s only like an hour in the morning and 3 at night. Of course it’ll still be exhausting for me and she’ll manage to fill it with a day’s worth of drama, but still not as daunting as a WHOLE DAY! We went to church, where she insisted on sitting with me instead of going to the nursery. It’s actually fine though, she’s behaving remarkably well in that setting and even paying attention to some things that are going on. When the choir was taking communion she asked when we’d take “munion” (not so much in to the “co” part, I guess) We went grocery shopping, we played outside, we napped (yes, we!) We took care of our Target spending for the week and had dinner with my family to celebrate Uncle Rob’s Master-degree-holding status. It was a perfectly pleasant day, and she was sort of a doll.

the weather bummed me out, ruined my plans. But we made it work!

Of course, Monday is a work day and a school day. We got out the door in a respectable amount of time and I got to run before work. It was a SAUNA out there, there’s no other way to describe it. It was 30% humidity the night before and so gorgeous, I have no clue how it can be hot and 100% humidity the next morning. Seriously, someone figure that out. Anyway. We were all set (and were all packed… still are) to go swimming at my parents’ community pool. But then the weather decided to say nay to that. We hung out at my parents’ house for the evening, chasing cats, coloring and running out in the rain. Was so funny watching her do this, because she’s such a *little girl* about the sprinkler, won’t run through it! She also hates having wet clothes. But last night apparently brought something out in her, she kept running out a few feet and running back. Repeat. (Counts as a bath? Why yes, yes it did.)

Also, worth mentioning, the grant I wrote this fall (with others, though I was the primary writer) – WE WON. And by “we”, I mean the state of NC’s educational system. $1.5 mil a year for 3 years. Yeah, that’s some serious coin, I’m pretty proud.


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