Time off and WHY I NEED TO RUN!

Last week I basically took all the scheduling workout pressure off myself, since I was in recovery mode following the half. It was nice in certain ways, and really, really disruptive and awful in others.

Our typical mornings in the past 2 or so months have been me throwing on running clothes, taking Margo to school, and running at work and showering there. All that gets me to my desk at 9 or 9:30 (sweaty as all get out, but that’s a different story.) It’s a good system for us too- Scott goes into work early so he can come home at a decent hour and I get my workout out of the way early before it’s too hot and/or I can make excuses and skip it.

Last week I adamantly said NO to running in the morning because it’s my perogative, having run 13.1 the weekend before. 🙂 It was so WEIRD though. Our household is utterly confused when I also have to shower at home and get ready. We’re just not used to it. And further, when I don’t work out at all? SO MUCH TIME. I see why ppl don’t work out.

But, on the flip, I also see why I do. The time off validated the importance of that time in my schedule. I had a few high stress days at work where I realized that the physical break would have helped. And when I got home, there was nothing to diffuse the stress, so TAKE A GUESS who bore the brunt? (Sorry hus)

The time off was necessary and earned, but am I a weirdo if I say I’m SO GLAD to be back in the saddle this week! I ran yesterday morning and am lifing today. I intend to stay off a strict running schedule until marathon traiing officially starts July 9, but it’s nice to be back out there. 🙂


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