June: Lions, Pools, Excitement

Well, June was great, wasn’t it?

HOW is it going to be July already, guys? Summer as a working mom is quite different, but the most marked difference is I have absolutely no time. Like, before I had no time now it’s even less than than. Andplusalsofurthermore I’m semi-training for a marathon.

So, not to leave you hanging from my last post & all, but Margo & I survived our week alone while Scott was gone. It culminated in watching the Lion King, and what has followed that has been nothing less than an obsession. Yesterday we ran to Buy Buy Baby to get a gift for a coworker and walked out with a LK book for Margo. She’s so into it and I sort of love it. She licks us now, which I don’t love, but it’s cute that it is bc of the Lion King.

Hm, what else? Oh yeah, lots of pool time.

One promise I made to myself this summer, since last summer I was at home with M and we hit up the pool at least weekly (sometimes more), was that we would continue to swim. It’s harder and timed differently, but she loves the pool and I want to maintain that for her 🙂 We’ve been doing a weekly pool visit to Grammy’s pool (well, her neighborhood pool), and it’s been a blast. She actually started jumping off the side to me last night; last Wednesday she had to hold your hand and was too timid. That pretty much epitomizes how fast she’s growing & changing. Per usual, really.

It’s a great routine, one I hope we can maintain all summer. I bring sammiches from the cafe at work for dinner, we play, dine poolside and play till 7. Scott gets a night to himself (since he’s for some reason *anti-hanging-out-by-the-pool*? I can’t fathom that.) And we’re all spent and sleep good. Summer rules, right?

And we’re all very excited to go to the beach on Saturday! We’re spending a whole week in Myrtle Beach with our friends, the Wilkinsons! We went down for a few days last summer and had so, so much fun.

We realized this will be our first REAL family vacation – as in we chose the destination, planned ahead & we’re going with just us 3… I’m very much looking forward to it. Margo says “there’s gonna be froggies there, and there’s gonna be duckies and fishies there, and there’s gonna be lions there? No, Margo’s being silly.” Yes, hoping for the “No Lion” beach…

Also, look how little she was last year!

& I remember taking that pic & thinking “Gosh, she looks so big.” Oh, time…






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