Marathon Training begins… two weeks ago?

Uh, whoops.

I’m using the Hal Higdon Novice 1 program. Which is 18 weeks… and for some reason I thought it was 16? IDK, so the marathon is 16 weeks away and I’ve officially skipped the first two, inadvertently. GO ME! Gonna go ahead and remove “attention to detail” from my resume…

& it’s funny because when I’ve been talking about it to runners, they’ve been like, “Oh, that plan is 18 weeks, right?” and I was like “No! It’s 16!!”

Not to worry… I have been running this past month. Last week, on vacation (!) I ran the total mileage that Week 2 calls for. I had a great month of running with little pressure, pretty much ignoring the “weekend long run” institution (I got stuff to DO on the weekends!) and starting up a strength routine. Actually hoping to keep the once or twice a week strength routine up for the next few months…

I think I’ll be okay. Really, I do. Just don’t want to skip any more weeks. And part of me is sad I have to now skip the easy first two weeks and pretty much get intense effective immediately. Oh well, I’ll rest 10/29, right?


One thought on “Marathon Training begins… two weeks ago?

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