My summer vacation: a series of memories

As we anticipated, our trip to the beach was fantastic. Margo loved it, we settled into a little routine and relaxed. By the end we were sleeping in till 7:30. It was great and I’m so thankful for the memories.

Lifeguards! :-0

We spent lots of time at the hotel pool. There were lots of very mediocre lifeguards, but Margo has been fascinated/scared shitless of lifeguards since a recent pool visit here in Raleigh where she was whistled at and commanded to “WALK.” She got these big deer-in-headlights eyes and stopped in her tracks. The lifeguards at the hotel were equally fearsome (to her). She didn’t get yelled at. One time she was making like she was going to go down a different water slide, one we weren’t standing at the bottom of and I said “No, Margo the Lifeguard said you had to come down this one.” She started crying, and I had to go get her down. It was so cute, and so sad. She’s so into rules, it’s great. Now, if only I could find some of MY old lifeguard shirts… Oh, and we totally got her a Myrtle Beach Lifeguard tshirt souvenir.

Also, the kid loves the pool and is getting so comfortable with swimming. It’s so fun to watch and guide her.

DOLPHINS! & General Beach love

We went to the beach most mornings after a fantastic breakfast at Uncle John’s restaurant. (Margo ordered FIVE PANCAKES every morning… we only actually got her two.) We usually got there around 8:30 & it was often cooler (sometimes even breezy!) at that time and the sun wasn’t as intense. Perfect for playing and dipping our toes in the surf. The last morning there, we saw a bunch of dolphins and it was pretty awesome. I’ve never seen anything like it, just tons and tons of them. So many that Margo actually saw them too. She was telling her teachers about them at school when we returned too!

Didn’t have the camera on the Dolphin Day, so that one lives in my memory. But here’s one of my all time favorites ever.

We ate. Oh, did we eat.

And the kid? Ate BROCCOLI. We ate so much good food, it was fantastic. And the one night we went to the Japanese Steakhouse & she ate broccoli. I was actually sort of torn because the broccoli was delicious and she ate all of mine. And shrimp! All of the sudden she’s trying new foods and it’s so exciting.

Margo became Southern

Well, this one has evened out a tad, but suprised and amused us just the same. At the end of the week and beginning of this week she was adding all kinds of drawl-y extra syllables to things. “Dayad, where’s mah ayh-payad?” (iPad) It seems to be fading as she spends more time with her Yankee parents. We’re blaming our Southern friends that we vacationed with (and luckily they gave Margo lots of presents so we’re getting over it), although we know it’s bound to happen as she grows up in the South. It is one of those things that just feels weird… your kid is going to talk differently than you do.

But anyway. It was a fantastic trip and while this in no way does it justice, it’s a few of my favorite moments. Also, this one, where she’s riding a lion on the carousel. OBVIOUSLY.



11 thoughts on “My summer vacation: a series of memories

  1. Looks like a fantastic trip! How likely is it that the rule following will carry over into her teenage years? πŸ™‚

  2. Fun trip! We’re trying to decide on a beach trip or not this summer. My vote is yes.

    As, for the accent. First, that’s supper cute & you should get some video of her toddler southern drawl. Second, my husband’s mother grew up in Indiana & his dad in Virginia. He was born in WV & spent his first four years and many summers there. The rest of his formative years he lived in NC. He has what I like to call a multi-accent. Depending on who he’s speaking to his accent changes. He can go from Yankee to good ole boy in .5 seconds. It fascinates me & to this day I enjoy guessing who he’s talking to on the phone based on his accent. 99% of the time I guess right. Anyway, maybe Margo will end up with something similar.

    • re: beach trip decision: ALWAYS YES. πŸ™‚

      That’s funny about your husband’s accent. I took a few linguistics classes in grad school and I’m afraid *where* you live is more of a determining factor for a child’s accent than the parents’ accents. Children tend to take the accents of their peers. We’re perfectly fine with that, who doesn’t love a nice Southern drawl? I can’t pull of a “y’all” without sounding like a loser, but I’m sure my kid will someday πŸ™‚

  3. Love it! I had to say I find it funny how my child does NOT have a southern accent, when both of her NC native parents do!

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