Dear Margo, You’re Two and a Half

Hey Margo!

I’m not as frequent about this as I used to be. I knew that would happen, I’m not worried. I certainly don’t sit around looking for things to do… but I do feel sort of sad about missing so many “point in time” summaries of your growth. Especially since the stuff you’re doing now and the things you’re saying now are so much more interesting than in your first year. No offense to babies, but toddlers are funner.

“I’m two and a half”

Let’s start with an unordered list of my favorite Margo-isms these days:

  • “Margo can’t know!” (exclamation for when you don’t know, particularly cute when accompanied by upturned palms)
  • “I love you with pieces!” (said to me as I leave your room at night, after I say “I love you to pieces!”)
  • “We have to be beary careful, okaaaaay?” (All the time. You love to enforce and reiterate rules to me.)
  • “Scott!” (Whenever I’m looking for your dad, you’ll yell “Scott!” and I really can’t not laugh at that.
  • “Nobody’s gonna come in.” As in, I’m going to the bathroom (or wheverever) ALONE.
  • “We’ll be right back.” (whenever we go to the bathroom, alerting the others not to worry.)

And a cute exchange yesterday, at Target:
Me: “If I get you some new crayons, will you sit and color with me when we get home.” You: “Yes, and we’re not gonna poop on them. Okay, Mommy?” (looks at me with eyebrows raised, waiting for my confirmation.)

You’re absorbing everything and learning so much. Just last week, you started to really pick up on letters (you’ve been belting out the ABC’s for a while now). Pete the Cat helped you spell Blue, Red, White and Brown. And from that knowledge I asked you what letters were in The Happy Lion (when looking at the cover… not from memory) and OMG you rattled off the letters. With really amazing proficiency. (I think you messed up A and Y – they’re both K to you.) You’re TWO. We might not be smart enough to keep up with you at some point in the future… You’re consistently blowing us away, such a gratifying feeling for a parent.

I (finally) feel confident saying you’re potty trained (you started very early, and we were back and forth for 6 months or so, having great weeks and then “accident” weeks.) Things seem to have officially clicked and you’re doing great. You’re sleeping in your big girl bed, with almost a dozen stuffed animal friends. You love (no LOOOOVE) the Lion King. Most mornings you wake up and ask to watch it, and when I inevitably say “No, we have to go to school”, you say “We’re gonna watch Lion King after school, okay?” Insistent, pragmatic, smart. It’s a weird feeling: we feel so proud and also so scared because you’re *this smart* already??

Seems every time you tell someone your kid is two, the give you a fake terror look and ask about the “Terrible Twos.” So far, I can’t report too much terribleness. You’re definitely more intense… but that means you’re SUPER excited and happy but when things aren’t what you want, you’re quick to melt down. You’ve been a very communicative, verbal kid from early on, and I truly think that’s working in our favor. You tell us what’s up, and understand when we tell you what’s up. I counter the “Terrible Twos” moniker with the “Doable Twos,” at least in your case.

And finally, you’re so sweet and loving, I could just eat you up. Truly, I am taking ever hug you give me and every kiss I can get. We have tickle fights often and snuggle on the couch. I get sad, sometimes, thinking about times when you won’t want to be snuggly, so I’m preemptively stocking up.

We love you, sweet girl. You’re a fantastic, firecracker of a girl and I love spending time with you.



One thought on “Dear Margo, You’re Two and a Half

  1. I so love these posts! I feel like L is a younger version of Margo every time you post because a lot of what you say is how our life with a tiny person has played out so far.
    So, I read your posts and hope L continues to be as awesome as Margo 🙂

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