An Ode to Sunday

Aka, the day I get to be a “normal person.” I was reading the latest Runners’ World and it had a section with tips & thoughts from world-class runners and Ryan Hall talked about how on his rest day he has to tell himself he’s just a normal person today. I realized yesterday that I get one day a week to be normal and lazy and take a shower because it’s what you do (as opposed to taking a shower because I desperately need one & am sopping wet with sweat.) Even though I technically had two days last week where I didn’t workout (Tuesday and Sunday), Sunday is more deliberate. Plus, no work and the recovery from the day before are all factors in making it FEEL more restful.

Yesterday, we intended to get to church but slept in. And when my kid wakes up at 7:30 and there’s a crossroads between rushing for the next hour to get three bodies gussied up for church or have a whole morning to be lazy… well, that’s really not a choice. We went with a wake up slow plan and it was awesome.

This past week, I logged 21 miles. Here’s what I did:
Monday: 3 miles in the early morning followed by 45 minutes lifting
Tuesday: (a poorly planned afternoon swim that got stormed out.)
Wednesday: 5 miles in the early am with Brittany, my marathon running buddy.
Thursday: 3 miles in the early morning
Friday: Swimming for 40 min before work (2000 yards)
Saturday: Ran 10 miles
Sunday: NUTHIN. Day of Rest. Amen.

It was, without a doubt, my most hard core week yet in the training – I was shocked when I added up my mileage! – but I’m doing it! I felt really good on the 10 miler, giving me hope that the slow and steady increase in mileage will get me where I need to be. I put all of the long run miles on the calendar, and it’s very intimidating to just non-chalantly type “17 miles” for a random Saturday. It’s still far away, but at some point I’m going to have to run that far.

So far, a few weeks in to the marathon training, I’m doing well. I feel generally good about it and I’m not “sick of it” yet. I am sort of sick of the heat, but I’m trying to be positive about that, in that when the weather does break and Fall comes, I’m just going to feel so good! Here’s hoping!

Also – did you know I’m raising money for Girls on the Run while I’m training? Check me out & support me if you can! 🙂 It’s been a great motivation for me so far, help keep my numbers looking good!


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