Curly Hair Control: I Haz It.

I have to give Margo all the credit for making me “go there” and start dealing with my hair. I was sort of complacent, not really in control of my hair but you know, wearing ponytails and having a good hair day maybe once every 2 weeks. Margo has my curly hair and I feel obligated to not have her walking around all frizzy and crazy. Toddler curly hair is adorable and crazy.

So, my friend Suzi sent me this link which got the ball rolling, a blog post about the Curly Girl Method. I haven’t read it (or really much beyond this post). But I’ve made a bunch of changes over the past few weeks and feel really positively about my hair. And maybe this sounds overly dramatic and self-important or something, but it’s a good feeling to know how to do your hair. I think most people know how to do their hair, and I might have thought I did, but now I know I know. (I am going to win some “Confusing Sentence Structure Award on that…)

New Habits

(Sorry, creepy Selfie was the best pic I had. & I fought with my computer & wordpress for like 10 min to get a pic of my crap “before” hair and gave up. Just use your imagination.)

1. Wide tooth comb, not brush.
2. Cease and desist washing. This is a toughie, and I’ll be honest, I’ve always had a flake issue so quitting shampoo was… daunting. In the blog post linked above, she mentions conditioning your scalp. You guys… that makes all the difference. The Curly Girl Method advocates no washing ever, but I’ve cut back to once a week, with lots of scalp conditioning and no flakage. It’s miraculous. I just use my regular conditioner, though they do say “no phosphates” or whatever.

Oh, one thing with this I haven’t figured out/researched is how to deal with chlorine. If I swim (which, between working out and going recreationally, is a few times a week lately), I pretty much have to wash it bc of the amount I pay for highlights & chlorine’s ruthlessness. So only in the past week or so has that thrown off my hard-line once a week rule. I’m not sure if you can do anything about that…Any help there?

3. Still loving the Kinky Curly Leave In Conditioner
4. Drying my hair with a tshirt. I’m not sure what it is about this, drying with a scrunching motion. Works wonders!
5. Cutting back on blow drying. Often I’ll just do a few minutes to sort of get it started and roll in to work with sorta wet hair. Not sure how that’ll translate when it gets cold, but we’ll figure that out. For now, blow drying sucks anyway so I’m cool with this change!

Any other Curly Girl tips I should try or that I missed?


11 thoughts on “Curly Hair Control: I Haz It.

  1. I have nothing to add about curly hair care since mine is as straight as it gets…BUT, I have always done the same with blow drying. Blow drying seems to make every flyaway stand up and sucks out all the shine. Makes my hair like straw. I just blow dry the roots with my head upside down for a little volume and roll into work with wet head, too. In the winter, I shower at night so it can dry overnight or in the evening. If I lay my hair up above my head on the pillow, it lifts the roots too as it dries. I also use tiny amounts of shampoo and copious amounts of conditioner. When my hair is longer, I use shampoo+conditioner, and then just conditioner separately.

    • I wish I could do it at night… It’s a totally 80’s big perm look for me. I basically have to do a cop-out ponytail if I do that, but some days, that works too 🙂

      • hahaha….the grass is always greener! (My cop out is twist up my wet hair in a clip….which happens to be my 6 days out of 7 look lately).

  2. Do you use a diffuser when you blow dry? That made a world of difference for me. I used the same scrunch method with a diffuser, with the diffuser set on low. (When I had to go to an office, and when I lived in Chicago and could NOT go out in winter with wet hair bc it would freeze).

    Looks AMAZING.

    • Thanks! I do use a diffuser & low… the issue now is that I’m almost always cooling down from a workout when I’m drying my hair and can’t handle the blow dryer that long. But I can usually dry it for a few min & get it go a good point where it can dry the rest of the way… & can probably just dry more in the winter.

  3. Funny that I sent this to you but still haven’t tried it. Do you get really sweaty when you run? That’s my hang up! That & now that I am training for a tri I can’t imagine not washing out the chlorine. Did you feel like your hair was super greasy the first few weeks?

    • I just re-read that… so you do conditioner in the shower & then a leave in? That blog entry she uses gel… do you?? I hate having “crunchy” hair. Although one could argue that washing your hair once a week or less would give you a different kind of crunchy hair!

      • I get CRAZY sweaty on runs (like soaking wet on really long runs) but I do a good rinse (and use my hands to sort of massage at my scalp in a washing motion) and condition the scalp. I brush the conditioner out & rinse it, then do the leave-in conditioner once I get out.

        It doesn’t make my hair greasy, or itchy (like i feared it would.) It’s shiny (but not in a gross way) and the curls stick together more. I was surprised the post referred to LA Looks gel – that’s so gross! The Kinky Curly custard I use isn’t crunchy at all. I also can’t stand that.

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