There’s no time like… later today?

So this morning, I woke up and started getting Margo ready to take to school (“I wanna watch a whole EPISODE -yes she says episode- of Curious George!” “I don’t want to wear those shoes.” “Did Smarty poop on the floor today?” and on and on). Scott had an early meeting and I was gonna take her in then run at work. And as I’m sitting with her and she’s screwing around at breakfast and the clock keeps creeping past 8:00, 8:10, 8:15…, I’m like… no. I don’t have time to run this morning. So I changed out of my running clothes and into my work clothes. (And I had my gym bag all packed, so what a breakfast show it was for Margo!) So that’s what sealed the deal on the transition, something I probably should have been smart enough to look at a calendar and figure out but I decided it’d be more fun to *try on* today’s workout clothes and get dressed hurriedly downstairs without a mirror. (Or coffee, in my defense)

This week has been particularly challenging in the Scheduling Department. At least two days in the last 5 I’ve skipped a shower entirely bc I kept kicking the workout can down the road a few more hours until it was “meh, I’ll just go tomorrow.”  I’d gotten into a good habit of running early this summer. It only made sense, with long runs up to 7 or 8 miles and the early sunrise and trying to “beat the heat” (quotations designed to imply it was still hot. But you prob got that.)

Well, these days, my 6:15 start is now 7:15, which has a huge impact on my arrival time at work. I think it’s time to officially give up the morning run ghost and transition to lunchtime runs. We’re also looking at running in 48 degrees or 70? Not a tough choice for me. But I have grown to like morning running. It’s so nice to be done with it before you even start work, even though I will admit actually having energy and focus on days of my long runs… didn’t really happen. (Sorreh, boss)

Showering becomes the motivating factor for me quickly. With apologies to my co-workers, I pretty much just tossled my hair and refreshed my deodorant this morning… hope I don’t stink! I am MOST OF ALL looking forward to a good shower after my quick 3 mile run (high five for TAPERING!), so in the worst cases, that will motivate me to run. Is that shameful to admit?

Scheduling runs (and other workouts) is hard, it was hard when it was just me, and having a husband, then kid, then job, have all made it even harder. But I remain committed to the *importance* of working out to me. I know a lot of moms struggle with this, and I empathize. It’s something I’m thinking about differently too as my marathon is approaching and my workout obligation will be different! I signed up for Pilates next month! It’s so exciting to do something different and non-competitive and fun.

When are you guys running these days?


6 thoughts on “There’s no time like… later today?

  1. 7 years working from home, I have tried to be a morning exerciser. The problem is that I feel stir crazy by lunch so I want to get out. If I’ve exercised in the morning, I’m too tired, then I’m cranky in the evenings.

    So… lunch time it is! At least I don’t have to shower.

    • This spring I loved lunch workouts, and I remember being sad when it got too hot and I had to switch to am. It’s such a disruptive change, since it affects showers and family routines too, I guess. But I do remember loving it mid-day for that same reason, breaks up the day.

      Do you go during lunch in the hot, hot summer too?

      & major jeally of the non-urgency of showering by working at home! #1 perk!

  2. 5:15 AM… I am early early morning girl. Rarely I will meet a group in the evening – but I really love the first thing in the AM!

    • Wow, I love summer mornings, but cold AND dark? Do you use a head lamp? IDK where’d even be safe in my ‘hood to run in the dark. I admire that you can hold yourself to that, Jodi!

  3. I go back and forth… but right now am with you! It is so dark and my bed is soooo cozy in the morning that I can’t seem to drag my butt out of bed. Lately I’ve been getting in a run while J is napping and K is at school. Thank goodness for the work at home husband! I really should get up earlier so that I could be a little more productive mid day!

    • Yeah, it is nice to have your husband there to chaperone naps! It’s a mixed bad on productivity, depends on how far you go and how well you restock your energy (for me, at least). Early morning runs =/= productive days for me.

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