MCM: I’m ready.

I’m sitting in our darkened hotel room (or, as Margo’s calling it, the “showtell” room… lolz.) and Scott and Margo are napping. We had a wonderful morning, great DC fall weather & pictures, awesome time at the museum. I’m quietly looking at some weather, maps, huffington posts in the dark…

And then it hit me. I’m ready. I really, really am. I spent all day Thursday mulling over the stupid weather and stuff out of my control. I just spent a great day with my family and then it hit me: I got this. I am ready. I’m less stressed today than I have been in weeks, like some sort of zen has descended on me. It’s nearly go time and I’m so alright with that!

Maybe it is that we’re here, in this hotel full of runners, in a city full of runners. Everywhere I look, it’s families with one parent walking around in sneakers and jeans (seemingly the uniform of marathoners in the days before the race.) Maybe it’s the exhaustion of having to do so much to get there & I’m just ready to have it be that time already; so much lead up gets old. I’m so tired of this forecast going back and forth, I’ve decided it just doesn’t even matter.

And when I decided that, I knew I’m totally ready. It can do whatever, but it won’t rob me of my joy in running my first marathon, among a field of 30,000 others who have put in the same amount of sacrifice. I think about how much I’ve given to this training, and multiply it by 30,000. Amazing. No matter what, it’s gonna be great. Sandy can do whatever she wants, I have rain gear.


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