A sappy post about Twitter & #runnerds

As I’m relaxing and reflecting on my marathon & training (and, you guys, I have so much more time & energy during which to do that! *high five*), I think I left one big thing out of my recap post.

My #runnerds. That’d be my twitter friends who I spend hours with daily, some of whom I’ve never even met. We share a love of running and understand it overlaps with nerdiness at times (who doesn’t LOVE to analyze their Garmin paces and charts!) They’ve been so supportive along the way – posting “atta girl” tweets after I tweet about a morning run, or “it’s okay” encouragement when I had a stinky run. They helped me reach my goal for my Girls on the Run fundraising! No really. I didn’t verbally ask anyone for money and raised $1k. I am so grateful for all of that support (& you can all rest assured those asks are over for a while now.)

And, maybe in the biggest, most awesome manifestation of support, they cheered me on through Frankenblister. As you guys know, I had a major super-blister that was bugging me for the last 16 miles of the race. During a walking break, I tweeted:

@jamiemcq15 Nursing a major toe blister. Send positive tweets. 5 mi left.

The responses, quite honestly, helped me finish. It’s like I had 30 spectators on the side of that stupid bridge to Crystal City in DC with signs made specifically for me. Your little online nudges gave me IRL motivation. If that makes me sound like a loser, I don’t really care 🙂 Scrolling through the responses sort of made me tear up just now.  I didn’t have the energy or presence of mind to reply or even say thank you the day of the race. So, thank you so much for your encouragement; it made a difference to me.

All of the social media community we’ve created around the silly #runnerd hashtag has come to mean a lot too, motivating me to be accountable to my training, and also it was never far from my mind that my splits were being updated to twitter (and texted to a lot of #runnerd friends). I only hope I can give as much back to my friends as they’ve given to me. Being a runner and a nerd are awesome things to be in such good company!



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