So… I’m doing it. I am a little intimidated, you know, since I’m a serial blog quitter. I don’t wanna be. Sometimes I get annoyed with it- I’m not cool enough to own a domain or have a cool header, and I don’t have the tech skills or patience to pursue those things. I have a few post ideas, but shy away from oversharing or being negative or whatever… I dunno. I think it means I haven’t found my voice and purpose for blogging yet.

I love writing. I’m a journaler, I’m writing a book for Pete’s sake. My book is nothing like this though, it’s stuffy and researchy (and I’m *so over* it at the moment, truth be told.) I want the outlet to let me be me. I love looking back on old posts from when Margo was at a different stage or read about details on stuff I just plain forgot. Blogging has a place in my life… and I think the NaBloPoMo challenge – to write daily for the month of November – will get me in the habit.

I hope I’m not too annoying during the next month. I’m already challenging my boundaries – yesterday’s post was way more raw than I typically go. I’ve decided if I get through this month & still love it and feel fulfilled, I might get myself a cool new look as a reward!


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