Getting my Mommy Mojo Back…

My post-marathon days have felt sort of like reanimation… I’m slowly getting my energy, body movement and mental focus back. This weekend was pretty amazing; I didn’t work out at all. I didn’t have to prioritize anything over spending time with my kid. Without running long on Saturday morning, there was time to fit in all the “chores” without missing out on family time, and energy enough to enjoy family time.

(Marathon training wasn’t all bad, but it was a sacrifice. I’ve been enjoying the “decadent” feeling of having time to do all the things I missed.)

That whole Daddy’s Girl forever and Mommy is Chopped Liver shenanigans? Evidently I got my mojo back this weekend and things have been going better. For the most part, we’re in a happy, balanced, “I have two parents and they’re both cool by me” house. I worked hard to be present, be in a good mood and it was fun for all. I am sure there will come a time, maybe in the near future, where I’ll revisit the awesome comments you guys left – heck I used some of them this weekend! 🙂

We started out with Margo’s first soccer class on Saturday (OMG, the cute factor was really unfathomable.) She had a blast and it was really, really fun to watch her with Scott. We had to go out on the field a few times to “save” her from the big scary man coaches. She’s not much for dudes, turns out.

Sunday morning I went to the Raleigh Marathon to cheer for my friends, and repay the scores of anonymous marathoners with some of that encouragement I loved so much during my race. Sunday evening, me and Margo hit the pool together. Super fun! That is so “our thing” and I’m trying to do it every time I have the opportunity!

Getting a pic of Margo when she’s not talking: impossible.

Last night, we had a dance party to the Rock of Ages soundtrack (which Scott threatened to embarrass me with, but I’m owning it. Yes I own the Rock of Ages soundtrack. It’s awesome, not ashamed.) Margo loved it, & even started singing “I love Rock n’ Roll!” We were dancing together to power ballads. & I heard this little number…

“I don’t need to be the king of the world, as long as I’m the hero of this little girl.” 

And I was just content. Yeah, I’m still that so it’s all good. And even if she doesn’t like me sometimes (or for long stretches), I like to think I still will be. Right?


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