Movie Night!

Friday nights usually go a little something like this in our world:

YAY it’s Friday! Wahooo! Ugh, I’m so exhausted.

We’ve settled into this family tradition in the past few months of renting movie on Friday nights. (Sometimes we’ll buy if we are moderately sure we’ll like it and it’s nice to have several to choose from for road trips!) We order a pizza and eat like crap. (In fact, despite having eaten out one night this week, and having leftovers in the fridge, Scott and I were just talking about how we *cannot even consider* just regular leftovers… doesn’t feel right. Friday demands junk.) We snuggle on the couch, turn off the lights and put on our jammies. We let Margo pick which movie we want to watch, though we do often gently guide her based on what we’re in the mood for.

Side note: we do all of this on iTunes these days (since we’re a iFamily…) A few months ago, we took a big jar of change to a Coinstar machine. We turned it into itunes cash. It’s been great to slowly burn through “free money” on iTunes (ie, money we didn’t know we had.) And Coinstar doesn’t take a cut of it if you don’t get cash back & turn the coins into a gift card. We felt super smart, had to share that.

Our (current) favorites are:

The Lion King.This is by FAR the favorite; every time we say anything about a movie the answer is “Lion King!” She loves little Simba (and really, how can you not, he’s so cute, if a little bratty.) She doesn’t seem to understand why Simba’s daddy just falls asleep after that wildebeast herd. Weird. It’s not all that funny, although Timon and Pumba are obviously the grown up draw. Never realized how funny they were watching it as a kid. (Also strong communist themes with Scar. Too academic? Sorry.) This movie does hold a special place in my heart; me and my sister watched it at least daily one summer. Sometimes I recall just watching it until Mufasa died, cause then it gets heavy. Also, little Simba = cutie pie. <- Margo’s words, though tweenage Jamie & Ashley concurred evidently.

The Lorax. I love this one, and was sort of surprised since I never really loved the book or old movie. The addition of some characters & songs made a big difference. I love the message & love the music. My parents watched it with Margo the one night they babysat for us last month and I really would have given good money to see my dad’s face during “How bad can I be” 🙂 Not a real “pro-business” song.

We also own Up, Cars, Curious George, Finding Nemo and Ice Age, and they’re all good but I’d say The Lorax and LK are the big favorites right now. I really like both of her favorites, especially because, OMG you should see her face during the opening scene of Lion King. You know, when all the animals come running. It’s quite adorable how excited she gets. Here’s an impression:

*said with no breaths between words* “look! a tree! An elephant! A baby elephant! A giraffe! Canteloupes! Birdies, mommy, look! A waterfall! Where’s Simba!? Elephants!! Aw, Rafiki and Mufasa are hugging!”

And as much as we love our collection, we have so much fun watching new things every so often. Last week we watched Madagascar 3, might be the most I’ve laughed at a kids’ movie! Margo laughed a lot too, so it was a win. I would totally buy that one.

I have a great list from my Twitter friends on new ones to try but am always on the lookout for new movies to try. We did preview Cinderella last weekend and, well, it seemed so boring. Just not really up to the pace and witty banter standards of Pixar & DreamWorks that we’ve gotten used to (and enjoy as a whole family, not just the kid). I could be wrong, I haven’t watched a princess movie since I was a kid, but I sorta yawned and passed on it.

Anywho, is it quitting time yet!? Thinking maybe Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or another Madagascar movie tonight! Anyone else do a movie night? What are the faves?



10 thoughts on “Movie Night!

  1. I am taking L to redbox on the way home tonight to pick something actually! We usually also get pizza but I am getting all fancy and making portabella mushroom sammies with sweet potato chips tonight. We have a decent little collection of disney/pixar flicks (incl Monsters Inc) if you ever want to borrow from our library. He went through a big Dumbo phase around Margo’s age and I am a fan of Lady and theTramp, personally. He is really into the Wizard of Oz lately, despite its scary parts, which I have also been enjoying since it is one of my all time favorites. Have fun!

    • That’d be fun to borrow/share movies! Since we’re doing it all on iTunes though we have very few DVD’s. We do randomly have A Bug’s Life but we hate it. It looks so old… lol. Good thing she’s not a fan either! Thanks for Dumbo & Lady and the Tramp!

    • Thanks, Kel! We’ve seen TS3, but not in a while. She’s way more into movies now than she was last winter when we watched that one. Also we watched a preview for TS1 and it was a) so old looking to us, and b) no Jessie. Wondering how it’d go over…

  2. When we have sick days we’ll often go in for a myth busters marathon. Avery’s been into it ever since she was 3. There is definitely some colorful language thrown in but I like to think that it’s overshadowed by the science. Also, we love Wallace & Gromit, the spinoff Sean the Sheep (brilliant for the fact that they don’t have words and thus if your child becomes obsessed it’s not nearly as obnoxious). Also, take a look at Prehistoric Park & Walking with Dinosaurs. Ooh, and at 2 Adrian was obsessed with David Attenborogh and the Life of… Series. We have them all. The pica was a longstanding favorite.
    Sorry, that’s a lot of feedback. I got excited remembering!

    • Thanks, Erin! All exciting suggestions. 🙂 Having a major dinosaur phase now, and they all sound better than The Land Before Time series. We showed her that one day she was sick and… it just drives me bonkers. So we turned it into “you can watch land before time if you’re sick.” Back fire, now she says “I sick. Can I watch dinosaurs?” So… yeah.

  3. My girls are obsessed with Mary Poppins right now. Katie is terrified of most movies and this one is a pretty safe bet. They LOVE the music and are up dancing all of the time. Different than what you have been watching but a hit around here.

    • I like this idea! Loved Mary Poppins… though it did confuse me for years because of that scene at the end where the old guy dies and floats up in the air?? Lol… Thanks for the suggestion!

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