Whatcha reading?

Weekends are becoming more what they should be around here lately: relaxing. We still have lots to do (soccer practice, and also a crapton of leaves to take care of. Yay Fall.) but we are able to fit relaxation and fun in.

For me, that means reading! And not only audio books (like it was for the past few months), REAL BOOKS. It’s exciting, and this year I’ve developed the habit of diving in to several all at once. At the moment I’m reading…

A Storm of Swords (GOT Book 3): I’m listening to this one, because I’m a huge baby/whiner about how long they are, and was getting bitter about how much reading time it was soaking up. Well, trading that in for a cool 47 hours of listening… I guess it’s a win? It’s a great book, and I’ve slowed down how much I’m listening.

One for the Books by Joe Queenan: I impulse bought this one after hearing an interview with him on NPR. He’s a brash Philadelphian (his accent was part of the appeal, though it’s not *pleasing* in the widely understandable way that, say, a Southern accent is, something about it makes me miss home.) He’s an author, but this book is about how much he reads (150ish books/year). His reading habits are nothing like mine and at times he is annoyingly flippant about books I like, but it’s making me think and sort of rededicate myself to reading more.

Catcher in the Rye: I am not quite sure why, but I feel it’s time to reread this one. It’s one I’ve read 3 times now, and I’m super excited to crack it open again. I have the copy I read in high school & I was really into underlining stuff and writing in books then. I continued that tradition and it’s sort of a whole different experience each time I read it, and funny to see how time changes what parts speak to me. The first time I fell in love with it (the second time I read it- first time I didn’t really get it, I think), I was 2 days into studying abroad in Ireland (10 years ago… how can that be?) Something about it, even though it’s not about being a stranger in a strange land or any of the things I was feeling, takes me back to those feelings. I’m pretty excited to re-re-re-reread it.

Oh, and I am sort of slowly making my way through Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake because I love Anna Quindlen (or bc you know, I am secretly 20 years older than I’ve been letting on?), and Showstoppers! for work, as a writing style to strive for in our next book. I get to read a book for work, that’s pretty cool, right? (It’s pretty geeky though.) Scott and I started listening to Paterno on the way home from DC the other weekend and we’re going to listen together on roadtrips. Really, really loving it so far, and I think most Pennsylvanians/Penn State fans would!

And, I promised myself I wasn’t going to flake out on book club for next month, so I will read the Wedding Gift next! Promise!


3 thoughts on “Whatcha reading?

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  2. I am jealous of how many books you keep plowing through, since all I read right now are class assignments. I did scan the first few pages of Born to Run Saturday morning and am intrigued. Just wish I had more “free” time for reading for fun. I get a month off in December/Jan and hope to read a few books then. :)))

    • You’ll enjoy Born to Run! It’s thought provoking for runners, but I think even non-runners enjoy it!

      &, yes, you must plan your reading binge! Or (more likely), you’ll be so burnt on using your brain you’ll probably just drink wine & watch movies. Not judging you, that’s usually what happened when I was in grad school. lol.

      I should have mentioned my reading speed has decreased a lot since my promiscuity has increased. Se la vie. 🙂

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