Confession: I hate party-planning

I’m totally torn on if we should have a 3 year birthday party for Margo.

All year, I’ve said no. We’ve had it at our house the past two years and it’s just been… so crowded and so overwhelming. It’s January, so we’re all inside. (Which I hate bc we have an awesome yard – if she had a May-September birthday, this would not be a discussion.) Last year was the BEST! (And by BEST I mean WORST!) She was sick the week leading up to her birthday party and we had to reschedule it and push it back a week. Her birthday is also 3 weeks after Christmas. You know, that time of year when you’ve finally put away all the presents and decorations and don’t want to even look at anything sweet or think about adding more toys to the mix. And you don’t want to do anything social at all because you’ve been going-going-going for 2 months straight?

Oh, January birthdays.

I feel like a mean mom, to be honest! I think I missed the creative party gene, something that is glaringly obvious every time I log into Pinterest! I felt like that about planning my wedding back in the day too – I just don’t get jazzed up about character cupcakes or personalized banners or whatever shabby-chic decor I’m supposed to want to pay so much for! I’d actually glady farm the planning out entirely. I don’t like crafting, I don’t even like calling the cupcake shop and ordering. What is wrong with me??

But, Margo has been talking about her birthday since, oh… March? She has known her birthday is January 16 and it’s coming “beary soon!” since then. All along we were saying we’d skip the party this year and just do something low key & family oriented, and maybe do a friend party once the weather got nice. But we’ve been going to friend parties all year. We went to one Sunday and she said “Margo’s going to have a birthday party soon!”

Well, it is getting to be “beary soon,” now. 2 months away, it’s time to figure this mess out, I think.

Is it a terrible idea to skip a 3 year birthday party, since she’s so excited & loves parties? Should I just suck it up and do it, or be the boss and declare this a first world problem and know that life will be just fine if we skip…


10 thoughts on “Confession: I hate party-planning

  1. Hating party planning is exactly why we have held most of the boys’ parties at places that do everything for you! Their last birthday, all I had to do was buy a cake and show up with juice boxes. The place did everything else for us.

  2. I feel this way, too…and guilty because I remember wishing my mom was more “on top of it” with the bday celebrations ( now I Totally see where she was coming from). But i also have a winter bday and two summer-born sibs who always got pool parties, so that played into it. Both kids and hubs bdays, plus our anniversary are in Aug and Sept (and my hubby is not so much for planning at all…let alone coming up with something sweet for our anniv to take the load off me). Add the first days/weeks of school into that time period and ugh.

    • Maybe March will be better? 🙂 Your youngest will reap all the benefits from the rest of the annoying timing, lol.

      I remember (at least I think it was this way) we had parties growing up every other year. (At McDonalds! Ha!) That felt *so unfair* but now seems like a doable policy.

      • Seriously, if you have the extra dough, hire it out and let someone else clean up! Preferably somewhere they can physically exhaust themselves! I also try to think about what our standard will be when we have all our kids and the one-kid standard would be a financial and logistical nightmare. Try being the key word, since my first has had all the best parties and #2 keeps getting the “ah! I’m still too tired and broke from last month” shaft. (Haven’t succeeded on the birthday paring down yet, but I am doing better with xmas! )I figure I have about one more year until she starts catching on. Those two will def have to alternate years…maybe with exceptions for milestones.

      • Also, maybe this isn’t too awful for all the parenting crap where #1 had to live the mistakes I learned thru! It all equals out 🙂

  3. Does Marbles do birthday parties? Kelly reserved 90 minutes at a gym with an hour for guided gym activities (jumping, balancing, etc.), which was just enough to get them tired out, and then they had 1/2 an hour to sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes.

    • we were just at a birthday party like this on Sunday! It was fun… and does seem minimal on the planning end. I think Marbles does but they seemed a little more for older kids (for the price at least.) I know the science museum has them too, maybe in the future we could do that! She loves the museum 🙂

  4. If it makes you feel any better Julia just turned 3 and has never had anything more than a little family get together. At this point I can’t get all into it and spend all the money on it when she won’t remember it. I am a bad mom…

    • It does. We’ve just been going to several daycare parties lately and I am feeling like the last mean mommy hold out. lol… bc even something “simple” (like renting out a gym or whatever) is expensive and complicated.

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