I wanna go fast!

I gave myself a week after the marathon. I took it slow and totally wiped “working out” from my radar and it was great! I truly did enjoy it, and surprised myself that I didn’t get too ansty.

However, after a week…I got all twitchy and felt the urge to get back into it. (It was fun to follow my “desire to run” rather than “a spreadsheet of workouts.”)

So, I’m signing up for the Girls on the Run Reindeer Romp on Dec 15, and I’m gonna focus my working out on short, speedy workouts! It’s a fun change, after growing accustomed to one-hour workouts minimally (plus in warmer weather so always followed by a shower and hair drying!), a little half hour or less run? Pretty easy sell! I figure one month is a good period of time to focus on this, and hopefully the base I have from my marathon training isn’t all gone and I can build.

How am I gonna get faster?
I consulted with some runnerd friends and GPB, the runnerd husband and designated coach/child care provider of the group. Lots of good tips, and we’re actually hoping to do a Saturday morning speed workout in the near future! I love having runnerd friends (even though they’re all faster than me. And my goal to get faster has NOTHING to do with wanting to keep up with them. Nope.)

Well, my first method will be to run faster. (I know, you come here for the revelations like this.) But during the marathon training, I often would focus on maintaining a slower speed to go farther. Speed was not part of my focus (and that was fun in its own way!) Now I’m trying to reenter that world a little, and just go faster. I ran most of my marathon training runs in between 10:15 and 11:00/miles; I’m shooting to get myself to 9:00/miles now & gradually getting closer. Bonus: it doesn’t take as long! (I’m full of really obvious statements today – you’re totally welcome.)

Today was a great run, though I tried to take a shortcut and ended up doing who knows how much on pause. I think it was about a mile… so ended up going further than the non-short-cutted route. There’s a message in there that applies to life, I’m sure.

Awesome fall run, getting faster! (Also- garmin on pause for ~a mile.) #runnerd

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I am going to get two speed workouts in per week. I’m gonna do a tempo run later this week- 1 mile warm up, 2 miles below 9:00/mile and 1 mile cool down. I also want to include repeats and sprints as the other speed workout. We have a track at work so I can do 400 yard sprints.

I’m not sure if this is related to speed persay, or just general fitness/cross fitness, but I’m going to incorporate two strength workouts per week as well. I started going back to body sculpting last week and remember why I love it so much. I’m not sure why I’m so masochistic about being sore, lol! I hadn’t done any lifting since August, so even a bicep curl was pretty awesome. Let’s work some glamor muscles.

What do you think, runnerd and fast girls (& boys, I suppose!)? Am I missing anything? What workouts have you done to improve speed? Anyone wanna do speed workouts with me?


8 thoughts on “I wanna go fast!

  1. Well, first of all, let me say I am so glad you are not totally over running after your marathon! I’d hate to lose you as a running buddy. I think shorter tempo runs will help with your speed. I do circuit training at least 1x a week and it has really, really helped improve my speed. I think strength training is important. Many people focus on cardio which is great to build endurance, but I think strength training can really help give you an edge in your running. I am looking forward to GPB’s speed trials. 😉

  2. I think intervals of all different lengths can help. In high school, we’d often do 1-mile intervals, aiming to be faster than race pace (how much faster, I can’t remember. Maybe 15 seconds?) Usually did 3 (races were always 5k), but you want to try and maintain the same pace for all 3. We’d also do “surge” workouts where we’d alternate between a relaxed jog and a more ambitious pace. I think that’s part of why circuit training like Heather mentioned works, making your body work to adjust to alternating paces.

    • that jog/surge things sort of sounds like a less humorous way to say fartlek? lol. But that might be more fun than a tempo run anyway. I did a few timed mile repeats for that half marathon training… oof. That was hard. Thanks for the XC training tips 🙂

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