Going Streaking!

So, I’m officially taking part in the Runners’ World Streak this month, hoping I do better with this than #NaBloPoMo! For the streak, I’m committing to running at least a mile a day from Thanksgiving til New Year’s Day.

(Well, I actually started the day after Thanksgiving, since I was all snotty, coughy and voice-less on Thanksgiving. And I didn’t run Monday because we were in DC, drove 5 hours and had a very tight schedule. But I’ve let myself off the hook for that. I made the decision not to let running ruin our family schedule/mini-vacay as it sort of held our last DC trip hostage. I truly think that first week was the toughest for me schedule-wise, and I’m hopeful I can do the rest of the streak unbroken 🙂 )

So, a week into the challenge, I sort of love it. It gives me a doable goal and makes me run, as basic as that sounds. Yesterday I did a body sculpting class and had to run a quick mile before the class. I wouldn’t have done that otherwise, and those little bursts will (I’m hoping) make all the difference in keeping me feeling good this holiday season. Plus, I signed up for a 5k in 2 weeks and am hoping to go fast. I think shorter runs are making me go faster, and I’m hoping that extends to a 5k time too!

Since it’s officially cold here, with overnight lows in the 30’s pretty consistently now, I’m typically running more mid-day/afternoons. And having to run at some point every day… well, it makes me sort of have to eat light and healthy more than I had been. I can’t have heavy meals that might not digest in time for my run. That’s a good thing!

Plus, I have lots of streaker friends on the Twitters to motivate me 🙂 #RWStreak!


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