I’m Jamie. I’m a delinquent blogger (I mean, I’m SURE you’ve heard of McBlog 1.0) and, let’s be frank, I outgrew that blog. I decided to give myself a fresh start, new look and revamp my blog.

Here’s my speed-dating summary (aka the basic questions with overly detailed answers):

What do you do?

I’m a writer at a software company. I’m a working mom, after having been a stay-at-home-mom for 21 months. I’m a toddler mom, working to find joy in all of our moments (confession: sometimes I laugh at tantrums).

You from around here?

I live in Raleigh with my husband, Scott, and our 2-year old Margo. We also have a cat who used to be well taken care of but has been mainly ignored.. Scott and I are high school sweethearts from Lancaster County, PA, although we’re most certainly not Amish. We’ve lived in Raleigh together for 7 years now, both getting advanced degrees from NC State. So, no, not from around here but loved taking advantage of the cheap in-state college tuition!


What are you gonna blog about?

I blog about stuff I care about. I’m training for a marathon, writing a book (nothing you’d want to read, it’s nerdy & for work), reading (& I’d love to recommend), parenting, and tweeting almost constantly… Come for the diversity, staty for the humor and adorable toddler pictures. 😉

I have always been a writer at heart. Not a novelist or journalist, but I’ve journaled and written creatively most of my life and it’s something I’m missing currently. I’ve reached that point in parenthood where I’m seeking my own space – what can I do for ME? – and I keep coming back to blogging. The perfect marriage of writing and internet socialization.

I struggle to keep a blogging habit. I like reading blogs, but become turned off of blogs quickly if I don’t like the writer’s tone or topics… and sometimes I think that leads me to be overly “think-y” about what I write or how I come off. My goal is to stop doing that and just be me. Shouldn’t be hard, right? RIGHT?

Ladies and gentleman of the Interwebs, I give you McBlog 2.0. And I promise I’ll try really hard to update it and not abandon it in like 3 years. Pinky swear.


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